Details of TreeNodes in Batch Process


The word tree specifies all Word related options in batch processing.

Syntax: Word.Treenode:=<value>

Example: Word.export:=1

Treenode Label Type Default Description
export Export to int 1 Specify what file type to be used for exporting analysis report.

Option list:

  • none{0}:None
    Do not export to files
  • word{1}:Word
    Export to a Word file
  • pdf{2}:PDF
    Export to a PDF file
  • all{3}:Word&PDF
    Export to both Word and PDF files
template Word Template string <unassigned>

Specify the Word Template (.DOCX, .DOCM, .DOC, .DOTX, .DOTM, .DOT) to be loaded.

path Export Path String <unassigned>

Specify where to export analysis report created from a Word template.

overwrite Overwrite Existing int 0

To specify if the existing file(s) in the path should be overwritten. Auto rename is the default option.

Option list:

  • rename{0}:Auto Rename
Auto rename with enumeration
  • replace{1}:Replace
Replace the existing file(s)
  • skip{2}:Skip
Skip the existing file(s)
  • ask{3}:Ask
Pop up message box to ask if overwrite or not.
multipage Export as multi-page File int 0

Specify whether to combine all Word/PDF files into one file.