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23 Origin Toolbars

This is a list of Origin toolbars, and buttons by button group. Toolbars are shown in their default configurations. You will note that some buttons are missing from default toolbar configurations. This may be because a button has been deprecated (e.g. Open Excel), because it is duplicated on another toolbar, or simply because it is a lesser-used button.

To add or remove buttons from a toolbar:

  1. Click View: Toolbars to open the Customize dialog box.
  2. Click on the Button Groups tab and drag desired buttons to a toolbar or to an empty portion of the workspace.
  3. To remove a button/toolbar, drag it from the toolbar back to the Buttons list or click the small "x" in the upper right-corner of the toolbar (removes entire toolbar from the workspace).

Note also that some toolbar buttons have a small downward pointing arrow next to them. Clicking the tool displayed on these "split buttons" carries out the action associated with the displayed tool. Clicking the arrow beside it opens a menu, allowing you to pick another tool. A split button displays the tool that was last used.

Finally, toolbar buttons will be inaccessible (dimmed) if the object that they act on is not active. For instance, the 3D-Rotation Toolbar is only available when a 3D graph is active.


Standard toolbar 93.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button New Project.png New Project Button New Folder.png New Folder
Button New Workbook.png New Workbook Button New Excel.png New Excel
Button New Graph.png New Graph Button New Matrix.png New Matrix
Button New Function.png New Function Button New 2D Plot.png New 2D (Function) Plot
Button New 2D Parametric Plot.png New 2D Parametric (Function) Plot Button New 3D Plot.png New 3D (Function) Plot
Button New 3D Parametric Plot.png New 3D Parametric (Function) Plot Button New Layout.png New Layout
Button New Notes.png New Notes Button Digitize Image.png Digitize Image
Button Open.png Open Ctrl+O Button Open Template.png Open Template
Button Open Excel.png Open Excel Import Excel button.png Import Excel Ctrl+E
Button Save Project.png Save Project Ctrl+S Button Save Template.png Save Template
Button Recalculate Auto.png Recalculate Auto Button Recalculate Manual.png Recalculate Manual
Button Import Wizard.png Import Wizard Ctrl+3 Button Import Single ASCII.png Import Single ASCII Ctrl+K
Button Import Multiple ASCII.png Import Multiple ASCII Button Batch Processing.png Batch Processing
Button Size Percent.png Zoom In and Out by Percentage Button Print.png Print
Button Slide Show Graphs.png Slide Show of Graphs Button Send Graphs to PowerPoint.png Send Graphs to PowerPoint
Button Open Video Builder.png Open Video Builder Button Refresh.png Refresh F5
Button Duplicate.png Duplicate Button Custom Routine.png Custom Routine
Button Project Explorer.png Project Explorer Alt + 1 Button Object Manager.png Object Manager Alt + 8
Button Results Log.png Results Log Alt + 2 Button Command Window.png Command Window Alt + 3
Button Code Builder.png Code Builder Alt + 4 Button Add New Columns.png Add New Columns


Import bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Import Wizard.png Import Wizard Button Import Single ASCII.png Import Single ASCII
Button Import Multiple ASCII.png Import Multiple ASCII Button Import Excel.png Import Excel
Button Re-import no Dialog.png Re-import no Dialog CTRL + 4 Button Re-import with Dialog.png Re-import with Dialog
Button Clone Import.png Clone Import Button Batch Processing.png Batch Processing


Edit bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Cut.png Cut Ctrl+X Button Copy.png Copy Ctrl+C
Button Paste.png Paste Ctrl+V Button Undo.png Undo Ctrl+Z


Graph toolbar 92.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Enable Anti-Aliasing.png Enable/Disable Anti-Aliasing Button Rescale All.png Rescale Ctrl+R
Button Rescale X.png Rescale X Button Rescale Y.png Rescale Y
Button Rescale XY.png Rescale XY Button Rescale Z.png Rescale Z
Button ExchangeXYAxes.png Exchange the X and Y axes Button Speedmode.png Enable/Disable Speed Mode
Button Extract To Layers.png Extract to Layers Button Extract To Graphs.png Extract to Graphs
Button Merge.png Merge Button Duplicate with New Book.png Duplicate with New Book
Button Duplicate with New Data.png Duplicate with New Sheet Button Duplicate with New Columns.png Duplicate with New Columns
Button Add Layer.png Add Bottom-X Left-Y Layer Button Add Linked Layer Top.png Add Top-X Layer
Button Add Linked Layer Left.png Add Right-Y Layer Button Add Linked Layer Top And Left.png Add Top-X Right-Y Layer
Button Add Inset Graph Empty.png Add Inset Graph Button Add Inset Graph With Data.png Add Inset Graph With Data
Button Zoom In.png Zoom In Button Zoom Out.png Zoom Out
Button Whole Page.png Whole Page

2D Graphs

Note that a few plot types do not have a toolbar button. The most complete list of Origin plot types is found on the Plot menu.

2D Graphs bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Line.png Line Button Horizontal Step.png Horizontal Step
Button Vertical Step.png Vertical Step Button Spline Connected.png Spline Connected
Button Scatter.png Scatter Button Scatter Center.png Scatter Central
2dgraph extended toolbar colscatter 92.png Column Scatter Button Y Error.png Y Error
Button X Y Error.png X Y Error Button Vertical Drop Line.png Vertical Drop Line
Button Bubble.png Bubble Button Color Map.png Color Mapped
Button Bubble And Color Mapped.png Bubble + Color Mapped Button Line And Symbol.png Line + Symbol
Button Line Series.png Line Series Button 2 Point Segment.png 2 Point Segment
Button 3 Point Segment.png 3 Point Segment Button Column.png Column
Button Column Label.png Column + Label Button Grouped Column-Indexed Data.png Grouped Column-Indexed Data
Button Bar.png Bar Button Stack Column.png Stacked Column
Button Stack Bar.png Stacked Bar Button 100p Stacked Column.png 100% Stacked Column
Button 100p Stacked Bar.png 100% Stacked Bar Button Floating Column.png Floating Column
Button Floating Bar.png Floating Bar Button 3D Color Pie Chart.png 3D Color Pie Chart
Button B W Pie Chart.png 2D B&W Pie Chart Button Double Y Axis.png Double Y Axis
Button 3 Y YY.png 3Ys Y-YY Button 3 Y Y Y.png 3Ys Y-Y-Y
Button 4 Y YYY.png 4Ys Y-YYY Button 4 YY YY.png 4Ys YY-YY
Button Multiple Y Axes.png Multiple Y Axes Button Stack Lines By Y Offsets.png Stacked Lines By Y Offsets
Button Waterfall.png Waterfall Button Waterfall Y Color Mapping.png Waterfall Y: Color Mapping
Button Waterfall Z Color Mapping.png Waterfall Z: Color Mapping Button 3D Waterfall.png 3D Waterfall
Button 3D Y Color Mapping.png 3D Waterfall Y: Color Mapping Button 3D Z Color Mapping.png 3D Waterfall Z: Color Mapping
Button Vertical 2 Panel 1.png Vertical 2 Panel Button Horizontal 2 Panel.png Horizontal 2 Panel
Button 4 Panel.png 4 Panel Button 9 Panel.png 9 Panel
Button Stack.png Stack Button Multiple Panels by Label.png Multiple Panels by Label
Button Trellis Plot.png Trellis Plot Button Box Chart.png Box Chart
Button Grouped Boxes-Indexed Data.png Grouped Box Charts-Indexed Data Button Grouped Boxes-Raw Data.png Grouped Box Charts-Raw Data
Button Interval Plot.png Interval Plot Button Histogram.png Histogram
Button Histogram And Probabilities.png Histogram + Probabilities Button Stacked Histograms.png Stacked Histograms
Button Marginal Histograms.png Marginal Histograms Button Marginal Boxes.png Marginal Boxes
2dgraph extended toolbar kerneldensity 92.png 2D Kernel Density Button X Bar And R Chart.png QC(X-bar R) Chart
Button Pareto Chart Binned Data.png Pareto Chart-Binned Data Button Pareto Chart Raw Data.png Pareto Chart-Raw Data
Button Scatter Matrix.png Scatter Matrix Button Probability Plot.png Probability Plot
Button Q Q Plot.png Q-Q Plot Button Area.png Area
Button Stack Area.png Stack Area Button Fill Area.png Fill Area
Button Zoom.png Zoom Button Polar Theta R.png Polar theta(X) r(Y)
Button Polar R Theta.png Polar r(X) theta(Y) Button Wind Rose Binned Data.png Wind Rose-Binned Data
Button Wind Rose Raw Data.png Wind Rose-Raw Data Button Ternary.png Ternary
Button Piper.png Piper Button Smith Chart.png Smith Chart
Button Radar.png Radar Button Vector XYAM.png Vector XYAM
Button Vector XYXY.png Vector XYXY Button High Low Close.png High-Low-Close
Button Japanese Candlestick.png Japanese Candlestick Button OHLC Bar Chart.png OHLC Bar Chart
Button OHLC Volume.png OHLC-Volume Button Stock Line.png Line (Stock)
Button Template Library.png Template Library

Add Object to Graph

Add Object to Graph Toolbar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Add Color Scale.png Add Color Scale Button New Legend.png Reconstruct Legend Ctrl+L
Button Add asterisk bracket.png Add Asterisk Bracket Button Add XY Scale.png Add XY Scale
Button Date Time.png Date & Time Button Project Path.png Project Path
Button New Link Table.png New Link Table Button Add Bubble Scale.png Add Bubble Scale

3D and Contour Graph

3D and Contour Graphs bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button 3D Scatter Plot.png 3D Scatter Plot Button 3D Trajectory.png 3D Trajectory
Button 3D Error Bar.png 3D Scatter + Error Bar Button 3D Vector XYZ XYZ.png 3D Vector XYZ XYZ
Button 3D Vector XYZ dXdYdZ.png 3D Vector XYZ dXdYdZ Button Matrix 3D Bars.png 3D Bars
3D stacked bars button.png 3D Stacked Bars 3D 100PC Stacked Bars button.png 3D 100% Stacked Bars
Button XYY 3D Bars.png XYY 3D Bars Button XYY 3D Stacked Bars.png XYY 3D Stacked Bars
Button XYY 3D 100PC Stacked Bars.png XYY 3D 100% Stacked Bars Button 3D Ribbons.png 3D Ribbons
Button 3D Walls.png 3D Walls Button 3D Waterfall.png 3D Waterfall
Button 3D Y Color Mapping.png 3D Waterfall Y: Color Mapping Button 3D Z Color Mapping.png 3D Waterfall Z: Color Mapping
Button 3D Color Fill Surface.png 3D Color Fill Surface Button Multiple Color Fill Surfaces.png Multiple Color Fill Surfaces
Button 3D X Constant With Base.png 3D X Constant with Base Button 3D Y Constant With Base.png 3D Y Constant with Base
Button 3D Color Map.png 3D Colormap Surface Button Multiple Color Map Surfaces.png Multiple Colormap Surfaces
Button 3D Color Fill Surface with Error Bar.png 3D Color Fill Surface with Error Bar Button 3D Color Map Surface with Error Bar.png 3D Colormap Surface with Error Bar
Button 3D Wire Frame.png 3D Wire Frame Button 3D Wire Surface.png 3D Wire Surface
Button 3D Color Map Surface with Projection.png 3D Colormap Surface with Projection Button 3D Ternary Colormap Surface.png 3D Ternary Colormap Surface
Button Contour Color Fill.png Contour - Color fill Button Contour BW Lines.png Contour - B/W Lines + Labels
Button Gray Scale Map.png Gray Scale Map Button Profiles.png Contour Profiles
Button Polar Contour Theta R.png Polar Contour theta(X) r(Y) Button Polar Contour R Theta.png Polar Contour r(X) theta(Y)
Button Ternary Contour.png Ternary Contour Button Image Plot.png Image Plot
2dgraph extended toolbar imageprofile 92.png Image Profiles Button Heat Map.png Heat Map

3D Rotation

3D Rotation bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Rotate Counterclockwise.png Rotate counterclockwise Button Rotate Clockwise.png Rotate clockwise
Button Tilt Left.png Tilt left Button Tilt Right.png Tilt right
Button Tilt Down.png Tilt down Button Tilt Up.png Tilt up
Button Increase Perspective.png Increase perspective Button Decrease Perspective.png Decrease perspective
Button Fit Frame To Layer.png Fit frame to layer Button Reset Rotation.png Reset Rotation
Button Reset.png Reset Button Rotate all.png Rotate on any direction
Button Rotation Angle.png Rotation Angle

Worksheet Data

Worksheet Data bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Statistics On Columns.png Statistics on Column(s) Button Statistics On Rows.png Statistics on Row(s)
Button Sort.png Sort Button Set Col Values.png Set Column Values Ctrl+Q
Button Set All Col Values.png Set All Column Values Ctrl+F5 Button Set Col Values Index.png Row number
Button Set Col Values Uniform Random.png Uniform random numbers Button Set Col Values Normal Random.png Normal random numbers
Button Add Or Remove Data Filter.png Add/Remove Data Filter Button Enable Or Disable Data Filter.png Enable/Disable Data Filter
Button Reapply Data Filter.png Reapply Data Filter


Column bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Set As X.png Set as X Button Set As Y.png Set as Y
Button Set As Z.png Set as Z Button Set As Y Error Bars.png Set as Y Error Bars
Button Set As Labels.png Set as Labels Button Set As Disregard.png Set as Disregard
Button Set As Grouping.png Set as Grouping Button Set As Subject.png Set as Subject
Button Move To First.png Move to First Button Move Left.png Move Left
Button Move Right.png Move Right Button Move To Last.png Move to Last
Button Swap Columns.png Swap Columns


Layout bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Add Graph.png Add Graph Button Add Worksheet.png Add Worksheet


Mask bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Mask Range.png Mask Range Button Unmask Range.png Unmask Range
Button Change Mask Color.png Change mask color Button Hide Or Show Masked Points.png Hide/Show masked points
Button Swap Mask.png Swap mask Button Disable Or Enables Masking.png Disable/Enable masking


Tools bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Pointer.png Pointer Button Scale In.png Scale In
Button Scale Out.png Scale Out Button Screen Reader.png Screen Reader
Button Data Reader.png Reader Button Data Annotation.png Annotation
Button Data Cursor.png Data Cursor Button Data Selector.png Data Selector
Button Selection On Active Plot.png Selection on Active Plot Button Selection On All Plots.png Selection on All Plots
Button Mask On Active Plot.png Mask Points on Active Plot Button Mask On All Plots.png Mask Points on All Plots
Button Unmask On Active Plot.png Unmask Points on Active Plot Button Unmask On All Plots.png Unmask Points on All Plots
Button Draw Data.png Draw Data Button Text Tool.png Text Tool
Button Arrow Tool.png Arrow Tool Button Curve Arrow Tool.png Curved Arrow Tool
Button Line Tool.png Line Tool Button Polyline Tool.png Polyline Tool
Button Free Hand Draw Tool.png Freehand Draw Tool Button Rectangle Tool.png Rectangle Tool
Button Circle Tool.png Circle Tool Button Polygon Tool.png Polygon Tool
Button Region Tool.png Region Tool Button Panning.png Zoom-Panning Tool Hold "A"
Button Insert Equation.png Insert Equation Button Insert Word Object.png Insert Word Object
Button Insert Excel Object.png Insert Excel Object Button Insert Object.png Insert Object
Button Rescale Tool.png Rescale Tool Hold "Z": Zoom; Hold "X": Pan Button Rotate.png Rotate Tool Hold "R"
Button Insert Graph.png Insert Graph Button Insert Worksheet.png Insert Worksheet

Object Edit

Object Edit bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Left.png Left Button Right.png Right
Button Top.png Top Button Bottom.png Bottom
Button Vertical.png Vertical Button Horizontal.png Horizontal
Button Uniform Width.png Uniform Width Button Uniform Height.png Uniform Height
Button Group.png Group Button Ungroup.png Ungroup
Button Distribute Vertically.png Distribute Selected Layers/Graphic Objects
Evenly in Vertical Dimension
Button Distribute Horizontally.png Distribute Selected Layers/Graphic Objects
Evenly in Horizontal Dimension
Button Front.png Front Button Back.png Back
Button Forward.png Forward Button Backward.png Backward
Button Front data.png Front(data) Button Back data.png Back(data)


Arrow bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Horizontal Alignment.png Horizontal Alignment Button Vertical Alignment.png Vertical Alignment
Button Widen Head.png Widen Head Button Narrow Head.png Narrow Head
Button Lengthen Head.png Lengthen Head Button Shorten Head.png Shorten Head


Style bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Fill Color.png Fill Color Button Line Border Color.png Line/Border Color
Button Lighting Control Dialog.png Lighting Control Dialog Button Palette.png Palette
Button Line Border Sytle.png Line/Border Style Button Line Border Width.png Line/Border Width
Button Fill Pattern.png Fill Pattern Button Fill Pattern Width.png Fill Pattern Width
Button Pattern Color.png Pattern Color Button Clear Borders.png Clear Borders
Button Left Border.png Left Border Button Top Border.png Top Border
Button Right Border.png Right Border Button Bottom Border.png Bottom Border
Button Frame Borders.png Frame Borders Button Inside Horizontal Borders.png Inside Horizontal Borders
Button Inside Vertical Border.png Inside Vertical Borders Button Inside H and V Borders.png Inside Horiz and Vert Borders
Button All Horizontal Borders.png All Horizontal Borders Button All Vertical Borders.png All Vertical Borders
Button All Borders.png All Borders Button Merge Cells.png Merge cells Ctrl+R


Format bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Font.png Font Button Size.png Font size
Button Bold.png Bold Ctrl+"B" Button Italic.png Italic Ctrl+"I"
Button Underline.png Underline Ctrl+"U" Button Superscript.png Superscript Ctrl+"+"
Button Subscript.png Subscript Ctrl+"=" Button SuperSubscript.png SuperSubscript Ctrl+"-"
Button Increase Font.png Increase Font Ctrl+">"


Button Decrease Font.png Decrease Font Ctrl+"<"


Button Greek.png Greek Ctrl+"G" Button Align Left.png Left
Button Align Center Horizontall.png Center Horizontal Button Align Right.png Right
Button Align Top.png Top Button Align Center Vertical.png Center Vertical
Button Align Bottom.png Bottom Button Font Color.png Font Color

Auto Update

Auto Update bar.png

Button Description
Button Auto Update On.png Block Auto Update

Database Access

Database Access bar.png

Button Description Button Description
Button Open SQL Editer.png Open SQL Editor Button Open Query Builder.png Open Query Builder
Button db Load ODQ File.png Load ODQ File Button db Preview Import.png Preview Import
Button db Import Data.png Import data Button db Remove SQL.png Remove SQL

Markers & Locks

Markers Locks bar.png

Button Description Hotkey Button Description Hotkey
Button Add Data Markers.png Add Data Markers Ctrl+Alt+M Button Clear Data Markers.png Clear Data Markers Ctrl+Alt+N
Button Marker Size.png Marker Size Button Marker Hide Show.png Marker Hide Show
Button Lock Positions.png Lock Positions

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