6 Origin File Types

Roundup of Origin File Types

A series of Unicode-compliant (UTF-8) file types was added for Origin 2018. Users upgrading from previous versions may recognize that the old familiar file types now have a Unicode counterpart, denoted by an appended 'u' (e.g. *.opj => *.opju). With the exception of the *.opj file type, Origin(since Origin 2023) will read and write both the Unicode and non-Unicode file types and non-Unicode file types remain backward compatible with earlier versions of Origin.

  • Origin 2023 and later versions will still read the older, non-Unicode *.opj file type but you can no longer save as *.opj. Going forward, you will need to save your project files as Unicode-compliant *.opju files.
  • Origin 2023 and later versions will still supports saving other non-Unicode file types such as *.ogw, *.otp, *.ogg, etc.

File Type File Extension Used As
Origin Project Files *.opj;*.opju A container for all data. See Alert, above.
Child Window Files *.ogw(u);*.ogg(u);*.ogm(u);*.txt The child windows for workbooks (.ogw(u)), graph (.ogg(u)), matrix(.ogm(u)), notes (.txt).
Template Files *.otp(u);*.otw(u);*.otm(u) A stored customizable suite of data-handling and format options: graphs(.otp(u)), worksheets (.otw(u)), matrix(.otm(u)).
Import Filter Files *.oif An external file which handles basic import file parsing and data extraction.
Fitting Function Files *.fdf A fitting function definition file.
Region of Interest Files *.roi One or more sets of XY coordinates that define the position of one or more regions-of-interest (ROI) within a given matrixsheet or Image Window.
LabTalk Script Files *.ogs A text file organized in sections of LabTalk script.
Origin C Files *.c;*.cpp;*.h;.etc A file used for developing Origin C programs.
X-Function Files *.oxf;*.xfc; An Origin tool with a flexible mechanism for performing a wide variety of data manipulation tasks.
Origin Package Files *.opx A package file created for distributing custom applications.
Origin Menu Files *.xml;*omc; A file that contains Origin menu information. An *.xml can be edited outside of Origin for menu customization purposes. An *.omc file contains the configuration of customized menus.
Initialization Files *.ini A file that controls the configuration of some Origin features on startup.
Configuration Files *.cnf A text file that contains LabTalk script commands.
Custom Plot Symbols origin.uds A binary file that holds the bitmap images of custom symbols.

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