6.7.10 Stack Column and Bar Charts of Rechargeable Battery Statistics


This tutorial will show you how to create a Stack Column bar graph.


Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0

What will you learn

This tutorial will show you how to

  • Create a Stack Column bar graph.
  • Customize the graph.


  1. Create a new worksheet. Import the sample data.
    Stack Column Worksheet.png
  2. Highlight all the columns and click the Stack Columns button on the 2D Graphs toolbar.
    Stack Column Button.png
    The graph should look like
    Stack Column Graph1.png
  3. Then apply a graph theme to add a top X axis and a right Y axis. Select Preferences: Theme Organizer to open the Theme Organizer dialog. Activate the Graph tab and select Opposite Lines from the table. Then click the Apply Now button. Click the Close button to close the dialog.
    Stack Column Theme Organizer.png
  4. Double-click on the Y axis to open the Axis dialog. Go to Horizontal icon in Grids tab, and check Show checkbox under the Major Grid Lines section. Click the OK button to add grid lines to the graph.
    Stack Column XAxis.png
  5. Go to the Title tab to change the title of Y axis to Millions of Unit Batteries. Then choose Top icon and add a graph title Rechargeable Batteries CCC. The graph should look like:

Sample Data

Download the Stack_Column_and_Bar_Charts.txt file from http://www.originlab.com/ftp/graph_gallery/data/Stack_Column_and_Bar_Charts.txt. Click the Import Single ASCII button Import Single ASCII.png and select the file to import it into Origin.

The following table contains part of the sample data.

year(X) Nicd(Y) NiMh(Y) Lion(Y)
1991 777719 -- --
1992 759629 -- --
1993 807048 72204 --
1994 879264 204666 12000
1995 872698 306106 32029
1996 694384 356218 125388
1997 703296 580930 193496