4.8.1 Batch Processing Multiple Datasets

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Origin can perform batch analysis of multiple files or datasets, using a pre-saved Analysis Template or current active workbook with analysis operations. This tutorial will focus on batch analysis of multiple datasets using current active workbook/analysis template.

While not as flexible or powerful as the Batch Processing, you can "clone" import and analysis operations in the active workbook, using the procedure outlined in this tutorial.

What You Will Learn

This tutorial will show you how to:

  • Perform analysis on one sample data and create new result sheet with the results you desired
  • Perform batch processing multiple datasets using current active workbook containing analysis operations with recalculation.


Perform fitting on one data firstly

  1. Start with a new workbook, click the button Button Import ASCII.png and browse to <Origin EXE folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting\ folder and select file Sensor01.dat to import data with default import settings.
  2. Highlight col(B) to select Analysis: Fitting: Linear Fit... to open the Linear Fit dialog. Set Recalculate to Auto, and then go to the tab Fit Control, check Fix Intercept check box and set Fix Intercept at as 0.
  3. Click OK button to perform the fitting.
  4. Go to the sheet FitLinear1, click the downward arrow aside the Summary branch to select Create Copy as New Sheet. A new sheet "Summary" will be created with the fitting results. Go to this new sheet, rename it to "Result" and delete the col(A).

Performing the fitting on multiple datasets with Batch Processing tool

  1. With the workbook active, select File: Batch Processing from the menu or click the Batch Processing button Button Batch Processing.png to open the Batch Processing dialog.
  2. Select the Repeatedly Import into Active Analysis Template Window radio button for the Batch Processing Mode.
    Note: You can also save an analysis template and use it with Load Analysis Template option in your Batch Processing routines.
  3. Select Import From Files for the Data Source drop-down list.
  4. Click on the Browse button Tutorial Import 005.png in the File List section and select all sensor data Sensor##.dat from the <Origin EXE Folder>\Samples\Curve Fitting folder.
  5. Select File Name for the Dataset Identifier.
  6. Make sure the Data Sheet(s) drop-down is set to Sensor01.
  7. Make sure the Result Sheet drop-down is set to Result.
    Tutorial Batch Processing Datasets 002.png
  8. Click OK. All sensor data will be analyzed, and a workbook "Summary" will be generated, displaying the summarized analysis results based on the Result sheet in the original worksheet.
    Tutorial BatchProcessing 006.png