6.12.19 Transparent Parametric Surfaces combined with Scatter Plot


This tutorial will show you how to create 3D Scatter plots and combine them with 3D Parametric Surfaces.

Transparent Parametric Surfaces 01.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2016 SR0

What you will learn

  • How to create the 3D Scatter plot with symbol color indexing.
  • How to plot 3D confidence ellipsoid by app


Create the 3D Scatter plot with color index

You can refer to this graph in Learning Center. (Select Help: Learning Center menu or press F11 key , and then open Graph Sample: 3D Symbol Bar and Wall)

  1. Import the file <Origin EXE Path>\Statistics\Fisher's Iris Data.dat into a new workbook.
  2. Select Plot > Templates: System Template Library from the main menu. In the System Templates dialog, expand the Graph Template -> 3D Symbols & Bars & Vectors node, then select gl3d. Click the Plot Setup... button at the bottom left corner of the dialog.
  3. In the Plot Setup dialog, set column C, D, and A as the X, Y, and Z columns, respectively. Click the Show Plot List button (double downward-pointing arrows in the lower right corner of Plot Setup) to expand the dialog (if it is not already expanded) and select the Add button, then click OK.
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 02.png

    In order to show all three panels in Plot Setup dialog, please expand Plot Type panel by clicking Button Expand Preview Up.png and expand Available Data panel by clicking Button Expand Preview Up.png again.

    Please refer to Plotting using Plot Setup for more information.

  4. Select Format: Plot in the menu to open the Plot Details dialog. In the Symbol tab, set Color as Index: Col(Species).
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 03.png

  5. Go to Color List tab, check the Use custom increment list check box, and custom the color list as the following image. Click OK.
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 04.png

  6. Right-click on the graph legend and select Legend: Reconstruct Legend in the context menu.
  7. Right-click on the graph legend and select Properties... to open the dialog. Set the font size to 22, and custom the text as following image:
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 05.png

    The 3D Scatter graph will be generated as shown below:
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 06.png

  8. To ensure that the legend is not overwritten during the next steps, select Format: Page in the menu to open the Plot Details dialog. Go to Legends/ Titles tab and choose None from the Legend Update Mode drop-down list.
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 14.png

Add transparent parametric surfaces on the active graph

  1. Download 3D Confidence Ellipsoid app in this file exchange page: 3D Confidence Ellipsoid
  2. Drag- and-drop the app into Origin program to install it, then the 3D Confidential Ellipsoid icon will be listed in the Apps Gallery
    3D Confidence Ellipsoid icon.png
  3. Active the graph and click this 3D Confidential Ellipsoid button in the Apps Gallery. This will open the Plot 3D Confidence Ellipsoid dialog. Accept the default settings and click OK. Three ellipsoid are added to the graph, each envelops the group of data with the same color.
    Plot 3D Confidence Ellipsoid dialog.png

    The final graph should appear as shown below:
    Transparent Parametric Surfaces 01.png