6.12.1 3D Pie Chart

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Origin's 3D Pie Chart gives you complete control over the look of the plot. Set the thickness of the pie slice, displacement, view angle, and size and rotation of the chart. You can even choose to explode the view of one or more pie slices.

Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 01.png

What you will learn

  • Create a 3D pie chart and change the plot colors.
  • Modify the pie chart view angle.
  • Explode the view of pie slices.
  • Label pie slices, add leader lines and drag to re-position labels.


You can refer to this graph in Learning Center. (Select Help: Learning Center menu or press F11 key , and then open Graph Sample: Statistical Graphs)

  1. Import the data \Samples\Graphing\3D Pie Chart.dat into worksheet, and rename the column long name as Demographic and Percent.
  2. Highlight the 2nd column and create a 3D Pie Chart by clicking Plot > Basic 2D: 3D Color Pie Chart.
  3. Double-click the pie chart to bring up the Plot Details dialog. On the Pattern tab, in the Fill group, click the Color drop-down and then on the By Points tab of the Color Chooser, click on the Color List drop-down.
    Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 020.png
  4. Choose the System Color List, then move the Increment from slider to the right one color position, then click Apply.
    Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 021.png
  5. Click the Pie Geometry tab and duplicate the following settings:
    Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 02.png
  6. Click on the Labels tab and in the Position group, clear the Associate with Wedge check box. Enable Show Leader Line if Offset Exceeds (%) and enter an offset of 2.
    Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 022.png
  7. Click OK to close Plot Details. Drag the graph legend to the left side of the pie. Drag wedge labels to reposition them, noting that the leader line follows the label. Your graph should now look something like this:
Tutorial 3D Pie Chart 01.png