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6.7.1 2D Pie Chart of a Population Study


This tutorial will show you how to create and customize a 2D Pie chart.

2D Pie Chart Tutorial.png

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2018 SR0

What will you learn

This tutorial will show you how to

  • Create a 2D Pie chart
  • Customize the Pie chart


  1. Create a new worksheet paste the sample data shown here.
    2D Pie Chart Worksheet.png
  2. Highlight column B and select the 2D B&W Pie Chart button on the 2D Graphs toolbar.
    2D Pie Chart Button.png
    The graph should look like this:
    2D Pie Chart Graph1.png
  3. Right click on the Legend and select Delete from the short-cut menu.
  4. Right-click on the graph and select Plot Details from the short-cut menu to open the Plot Details dialog. In the Pie Geometry tab, set the options as in the screenshot below.
    2D Pie Chart PlotDetails Geometric.png
  5. In the Labels tab, set the options as in the screenshot below.
    2D Pie Chart PlotDetails Label.png
    Click OK to close the Plot Details Dialog. Rearrange the text labels so that they do not crowd each other.
  6. Select the Text button from the Tools toolbar. Then click near the top of the layer. Enter Population by Major Ethnic Group to add a title for the graph. Use the tools in the Format toolbar to customize the text, as needed. The graph should look something like this:
    2D Pie Chart Tutorial.png

Sample Data

Open a fresh worksheet and either click this link (http://www.originlab.com/ftp/graph_gallery/data/2D_Pie_Chart.txt) and copy the data from your browser page; or select the data in the table below and copy.

Click on the empty data cell in row 1, column A(X) and paste the copied data.

A(X) B(Y) C(Y)
Hispanic 45.4 1
White 35.7 18
African American 9.3 19
American Indian 0.4 20
Asian/Pacific 8.9 24
Other 0.3 18

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