Numeric/Date Format Conversion Issues

ORG-8972GUI not convert numeric format to date formatIn 9.0, using column property to change numeric to date format is not working well. In 9.1, user can convert the format by setting Column Format first to be Text, and then set to Date.


Set Column Value Related


Formula with row indexing i failed to expand range

If there is row indexing i in Set Column Values dialog and when user enters more rows in source column, the Set Column Values doesn't update to have new values in new rows. Fixed in 9.1.

E.g. Fill Column A with row numbers. Set Column B's Value as col(A)[i]*4. Make sure Recalculation Mode is Auto. Add more rows in the worksheet and enter more values in new rows. new rows in Col(B) will not be filled. If Set column B's Value is col(A)*4, no such problem.


Set Column Value not Updated When Containing Values From Column Label

In 9.0, when Set Column Value using values from column labels, changing the labels does not trigger to Recalculate. In 9.1, it fixes this. @AUL = 0 to turn this off.
ORG-8237Not remove value if reference column not existingIn 9.1, it will output error message "Invalid column name" if column is not existing.


Worksheet Manipulation

ORG-8696Categorical setting for locked columnA locked column should not be allowed to be set as categorical. This problem exists since version 8.0 at least.

Clear Worksheet fails if Some Analysis Was on Part of a Column

This bug existed since Origin 9.0 SR1. Fixed now.

Easy way to reproduce it:

  1. New a workbook and fill row number to it.
  2. Highlight partial range in col(B).
  3. Open Linear Fit dialog, click OK directly to make a fit.
  4. Active source data sheet, select menu Worksheet: Clear Worksheet.

==> Data in report sheet and flat sheet is not cleared.


Error to Sort Worksheet with One Row

If worksheet only contains one row, the following commend to sort worksheet by column would report error. In 9.1, it fixes this. 


wsort bycol:=2;


Reduced Row Issues When Data Contains Null

In 9.0 when use Worksheet: Reduce Rows: Delete Rows with Missing Value, it deletes missing value but not for null data. In 9.1, it fixes. 
ORG-9028XYZ Gridding: Regular Method Not Working Well for Large DatasetWhen converting a large dataset to matrix using XYZ Gridding: Regular Method, even the data is evenly distributed, it would report error. In 9.1, it's fixed.