Origin 9.1 SR3 Features and Changes




Plot Details dialog too big9.1 Plot Details dialog is about 706 pixels in height because of some controls are added. We improved it a little so the maximum height is 651 pixels in 9.1sr3. We will try to improve it further in future versions.
ORG-10583Better default Table Layout setting for Grouped PlotMerge Labels is set to "Between Subgroup/Subsets" by default in grouped plots in 9.1 SR3 to better show unbalanced data.
ORG-10569Paste graph to Word, Legend of user-defined parameters wrongWhen user copy graph with Legend of user-defined parameters and paste to MS-word, Legend shows wrong. This is fixed in 9.1 SR3.





Format Cells context menu available for row selectionAdd Format Cells context menu when right clicking a whole row or multiple rows. In the past, user has to choose menu Format: Cell... menu.





Text object on the graph skewed in the exported EPS/PDF file when using Remote DesktopIn the past, if user use Remote Desktop to exported graph as EPS/PDF file, Text object on the graph is skewed and the gap between characters changed. This is fixed in 9.1 SR3.
ORG-11358EMF File size huge in 9.1 sr0 to sr2In the past 9.1 sr0 to sr2 builds, several exported EMF Files sizes are huge. This is fixed in 9.1 SR3.