Origin 9.1 SR3 Bug and Crash Fixes


ORG-10754Crash when copying graphic object together with graph layer

E.g. add a rectangle box in graph. Select the layer and then hold Ctrl key and select the rectangle. Right click and do Copy. Origin crashed. Disabled such select between different graph objects now.

Bug since since 8.1.

ORG-10743Crash when plot fill area if there is axis break in graphIf there is axis break in graph and plot Fill area to next data graph. Origin crashed.



Crash when editing Legend with long text

Right click on the Legend object and open "Properties..." dialog. In the dialog, update the legend text to be "\l(1, 111...11) %(1)", about 120 '1' in the text, represented by 111...11 ==>Origin crashed

Right click legend and choose Properties dialog. Try to type \l(1,,1234567890123456789012345). ==> When the last 5 is typed, Origin crashed.

Bug since 9.1.

ORG-10632Crash when loading certain opj fileThis is case by case. old bug.
ORG-10545Crash when deleting a layer linked to a layer with Axis BreakIf there is axis break in existing graph and add a new layer linked with the axis. Then try to delete the linked axis. ==> Origin crashed. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-11263Crash if clicking green lock on contour graph after do surface fitDo a nonlinear surface fit on Contour plot and then click green lock in graph window. ==> Origin crashed. Bug since 9.1. Only in 32 bit Origin.
ORG-11193Crash when sorting worksheet with large dataThis may happen to PC with small memory.
ORG-11019Crash if graph has gradient fill below the line plot.Plot a line graph and fill area under curve. Turn on gradient fill for the area.==> Origin crashed. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-11164Crash when use Vertical Cursor and Differentiate Gadget togetherUse Differentiate Gadget to create a derivative curve, and then use Vertical Cursor gadget on the derivative curve, Origin will crash when switch between these 2 Gadgets.
ORG-10973Crash when loading opj file with Gadget on a graph window with Axis Break 

Bug Fixes


ORG-10867Changing line style of one layer changes the border style of another layer

For multi-layer graph, changing one plot's line connection style affects another layer's axis line style around the border. Bug since 9.1.

ORG-11092Axis break failed to show for some log scale graph

Somehow break setting can be seen in Axis dialog but no break shows in graph. Bug since 9.1.

ORG-10897Special Tick Labe with $() string failed to work with log scaleSet a special tick with $(x+10) as Label. If changing axis scale type to log. The special tick label is wrong. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-10657Wrong grid line color and styleGrid line display doesn't match grid line setting. E.g. light gray showed as gray, dash showed as solid. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-10657Axis line is set as solid but when export graph, it showed as dashes.Axis line shows fine on screen but when exporting graph, it shows as dashes. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-10785Fail to plot 3D scatter+ Error bar graph in German OSBug since 9.1.
ORG-10958Area plot disappear if transparency is turned on and speed mode is turned offPlot a big dataset as area plot. Turn the speed off and then set transparency of line. ==> Plot disappeared.
ORG-11166Speed mode failed to update after zoomed if plot has sampling interval (no x column)Plot a big Y data with sampling interval set as scatter graph. Speed mode is on. Use zoom and pan the plot to only contain small amount of data. Speed mode is still on. Bug since 9.1.
ORG-10045Failure to type font sizes in Font combo box on Format toolbarIf the font size exists in the combo list, user can type it but if the font size doesn't exist, user failed to type it. Bug since 9.1. Two new system variables are introduced. @LLFX8 and
@LLFX9. Try to set either of them or both to 0 to see if it can fix it.
ORG-7341Bad EMF, WMF and PDF graph export on Remote Desktop.I have added another possible value for the same system variable: @emrd=3. Setting it fixed the problem.
ORG-11358EMF File size huge in 9.1 sr0 to sr2

This is also fixed by ORG-11166. If data plot's X is from Y data's sampling interval instead of a real X column. Though user re-scaled axis to show only part of the range, the whole data is still included when exporting graph, So the size is big. Bug since 9.1.

 Click here to see workaround...

Active Graph window and run the following script:

    double dXFrom = layer.x.from;
    double dXTo = layer.x.to;
    int nGap = 10;
    doc -e d 
        range -w rng = %c;
        double xInit = rng.xinit, 
		xInc = rng.xinc;
        if (xInit != 1 || xInc != 1)
			int nFromInd = (dXFrom - xInit) / xInc;
            int nToInd = (dXTo - xInit) / xInc;
            if (nFromInd > nToInd)
				int nTemp = nToInd;
                nToInd = nFromInd;
                nFromInd = nTemp;
            nFromInd = nFromInd - nGap;
            nToInd = nToInd + nGap;
            set %c -b nFromInd;
            set %c -e nToInd;

Data Exploration

ORG-11077Data Reader failed to read Z values on XYZ Contour PlotsUse Data Reader or Cursor to read data information. Failed to see Z values. Bug since 9.1.

Peak Analysis

ORG-10580Fit Control dialog in Peak Analyzer messed upChoose Fit Peaks as goal in PA. On Find Peaks page, choose Show Center Label checkbox under Labels and Markers node. Then go to Fit Peaks page and click Fit Control button. ==> The dialog messed up.Bug since 9.1.


ORG-10575Query Builder dialog failed to open.

ActiveQueryBuilderXControls.ocx file is not included in 9.1 builds. Added back now in 9.1 SR3 installation. Bug since 9.1.

Patch to sr3 will not fix it. User can reinstall Origin with 9.1 sr3 setup files or follow instruction on Origin 9.1 Known Issues to fix it.




Time which set to display as hh pm shows wrong


New bug since 9.1 sr0. Run the following Script
dd = 1.285104;
str$ = $(dd, T4); //T4: hh pm
str$ =;

==> returns 001:06 AM instead of 06 AM

The problem also exists in Format Cells dialog. It doesn't exist in Column Properties dialog.

Bug since 9.1.

ORG-10901"layer -3d r" fails after using vw to create video file

After using the vw object to create video file, "layer -3d r" command will fail with error "User Abort".

Bug since 9.1.


ORG-10969Dongle user see Notepad window when launching Origin 9.1KEYLOK said it is their problem, and gave new libs. So if you saw such message, please contact us to replace your dongle key. Bug since 9.1.