Origin 2018 SR0 Known Issues

ORG-18110Saving project as OPJ file caused File Size to Increase

In Origin 2018, when saving project as OPJ instead of OPJU, file size will keep on growing. 

This bug only exists for OPJ saving in Origin 2018 and 2018b

Workaround in Origin 2018 and 2018b: Save project as OPJU instead.

ORG-17348Origin very slow after FCU (Fall Creators Update) with Plot popup menu and other bitmaps

Some Origin users have reported that they have experienced slowness or "hanging" while performing certain operations (e.g. opening the Plot menu), following the application of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, 2017 (Version 1709). The problem is not confined to Origin and has been reported even in Windows-only operations (e.g. minimizing or maximizing an Explorer window).

Microsoft's patch, KB4058258, may solve the problem. To obtain the patch:

ORG-17459Save Project uses OPJ extension after Appending OPJ file

If user open and OPJU file and later Append an old OPJ file. Then click Save Project project button failed to save to the OPJU file. It wrongly saved the file with OPJ extension.

Workaround: Click File: Save Project As... to save as OPJU.

Important: Due to this issue, there is the potential to overwrite an existing pre-Origin2018 OPJ file that happens to have the same name as the OPJU file. So if Appending OPJ to an OPJU file, be sure to choose Save Project As and not simply Save Project.


  • Copy from worksheet failed to work.(Affected Western locale such as German)

  • Copy graph object failed to work. (Affected Asian locale such as Japan)

This is because when changing Origin 2018 to support unicode, we missed one critical place.

This will happen if your user name contains non-English letters and your Windows is western or Asian languages. You will see error message "Out of memory, too much data is requested, operation failed."


Change TMP and TEMP environment variables for User Variables to avoid using the user name

E.g. steps in Win10 or Win8.

  1. search environment in Search bar
  2. Click edit environment for your account link.
  3. Check TEMP and TMP for User variables section, change them to plain ascii char path (your user acct name will show as %USERPROFILE% in it), for example,  C:\temp\ .
  4. Restart Windows.

If an Analysis Template for CSV files is created using impASC (single or Multiple ASCII), when Batch Processing with "Repeatedly Import into Active Analysis Template Window", you will be prompted twice for the data files and the batch processing may produce errors.

Workaround is to use Import CSV when creating the Analysis Template.

This has been fixed in 2018b.

ORG-19115Batch Processing from GUI (File menu or toolbar button) may cause the analysis template file size to unexpectedly grow each time it is used. This only happens if template contains certain types of analyses.The solution is to set the system variable: @BST=0. It is default by 1. When it is 1, the theme used for Batch Processing is stored in the analysis template. but due to internal issues when using the GUI, additional data will get saved into the template file. When set to 0, neither the theme information nor the extra data is saved in the file.


ORG-17398Fail to display Custom Axis Link

Custom axis link in Plot Details dialog can not be displayed in Origin 2018


ORG-17398Two Way RM ANOVA failed for certain data

For some certain data, usually there are 0s in data, run Two Way Repeated Measure ANOVA, there is error mesage

NAG internal error


Replace 0 with 0.00001 in data to make the analysis work.

The problem has been fixed in Origin 2019