Origin 2018 Bug Fixes




When column/bar border width is set to 0, neighboring fill areas overlap.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Now, after setting border width to 0, neighboring bars will not have any fill area overlap.

Note: The issue was only obvious when graph is zoomed in.


Fill Area Under Curve- Fill to Next Data Plot is slow to render.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously it could cause Origin to crash.


Template names duplicated in Recently Used Plots.

Fixed in 2018. In every session of Origin 2016 and 2017, when user chose Plot: Template: User to plot a graph, the name of the template is added to the Recently Used Plots list causing duplicate entries.


Graph special points settings that aren't modified failed to follow main plot settings.

Origin supports customizing a single point, such as color, shape, size, label, etc. 

If user doesn't change some settings of a single point, then it should still follow the main plot (e.g. user may only want to change a single point color but the size should still follow the main plot).

In Origin 2018, by default <auto> shows for those unchanged settings. So if user modifies main plot settings, special point settings will follow. 


Failed to show fill area between error bars when axis is reversed.

Fixed in 2018. Bug was introduced in Origin 2017.


Customizations of Windrose plot (using raw data) are not remembered after recalculation.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously, if user made some customized parts of a windrose plot (e.g. added some text labels) and then changed the input data, after recalculation was done the customizations were lost.


Contour plot doesn't display correctly with large Z values( E17) and large Z range(-E17 ~ E16).Fixed in 2018. Bug was introduced in Origin 2017.
ORG-16625 Axes ticks thickness do not accept comma(,) in German versionOnly integer works in Axis Tick Thickness control (in Axis dialog: Line and Tick Tab) in German version. Origin 2018 fixes it and comma works fine in German version now.
ORG-16259 Origin Crashes when insert Axis reference line

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017 SR1. For Example:

  1. Click New Graph button to open a graph window.
  2. Double click x axis to open Axis dialog.
  3. Go to Reference Lines tab.
  4. Click on 3rd row.
  5. Click Insert button.
  6. Now the cursor is in in-place edit mode. With the in-place edit mode, click the Line checkbox of the 3rd row. ==> Origin crashes.
ORG-17048Fill colors in floating column plot failed to change to By Points list from toolbarFixed in 2018. Bug was introduced in Origin 2017.
ORG-16272Contour fill color is not fully filled to custom boundary

Some contour fill color is not fully filled to custom boundary. Origin 2018 improve the algorithm.

A new system variable @TCSM is added. Set @TCSM=0 for old behavior.

ORG-16338Some contour graph crashes by turning off speed modeSome contour opj will crash after disable speed mode. Fixed in 2018. But this fix may lead to speed issue. You can use system variable @QCT to toggle. @QCT=1 to enable the fix. @QCT=0 to disable it.
ORG-16673Improvements for Plotting Scatter with X/Y ErrorIn Origin 2017 and earlier, if you wanted to make a XY Error scatter with designation like X - xErr - Y1 - yErr1 - Y2 - yErr2 - ... - Y# - yErr#, each Y column need to have its own XErr and YErr. In Origin 2018, you can make XY Error scatter plot with such desingation directly.




Categorical order of source data not kept when unstacking columns.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously, when unstacking categorical data, the categorical order wasn't copied over.


Stack column recalculation not triggered after changing group info in column label row.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously if user stacked columns based on grouping info in a column label row (e.g. comments) and changed the values in the label row, recalculation was not triggered.


Worksheet selection rending issues.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously, there were various selection rendering issues in worksheet in the past. One Example:

When still in in-place edit mode of A9 cell, click B(Y) column header, the whole column B isn't highlighted.


Locked columns not allowed to be set as Categorical.

Fixed in Origin 2018.

Sometimes user wants to convert output columns to Categorical  for plotting or further analysis. Before Origin 2018, this wasn't allowed. 

Issues caused:

  • Can't index color in plot from locked text column
  • For grouped plot, can't set categorical orders of locked text column




Find in Project using wildcards failed to find items in graph legends.

Fixed in Origin 2018.

Prior to Origin 2018,if using find in Project (F3) and using wildcards in search, items in graph legends were not found. For example:

  1. Create a new workbook and fill XY columns with row numbers.
  2. Set col(B)'s Comment to "test".
  3. Select col(B) and plot a line graph.
  4. Press F3 to open Find dialog, clear all check boxes except the Text Objects on Graphs box.
  5. Input " te " as Find What and click Find button.
    --> Graph Legend is found.
  6. Check Allow Wildcards, input " te* " as Find What and click Find button.
    ==> Graph Legend is not found.
ORG-16890Origin J/C version in English code page fails to set correct default font

Fixed in Origin 2018.

Install J/C version Origin in English code page, open Origin to check. ==> The font toolbar shows some wrong font type.




Copy-Paste Operation should also copy Recalculation mode.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Previously when copy-pasting operations, the recalculation mode wasn't copied. For example:

Suppose there is a fitting operation on a plot with Recalculation mode set to Auto. Operation is copied and pasted to another plot.

 ==> The Recalculation mode for the new operation is set to Manual.


Copy and paste fitting result table to MS Word resulted in wrong values.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017 SR1. For example:

Copy a graph with a fitting result table in graph and paste into MS Word. The slope and intercept values are wrong.

ORG-17163Nonlinear surface/matrix fit tool's initial formula saved in theme fail to work

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017 SR0.  For example:

In Nonlinear surface/matrix fit tool, save the initial formula in the theme. With source data/graph selected, press Shift key to open fit tool and load the theme.==> Wrong intial value for parameter.

ORG-17089Initial formula fail to work after recalculation

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017 SR0.  For example:

  1. Open Nonlinear Fit tool, use the initial formula to initial parameter then fit.
  2. Change the source data to recalculate the result.
  3. Change Parameter to open fit tool then click the Initialize Parameter button.

      ==> Fail to initial parameter by the initial formula.

ORG-17026Unbalanced two way ANOVA output wrong descriptive statistics results in Interaction tableFixed in Origin 2018. Previously unbalanced two way ANOVA data with special missing group, the output descriptive statistics results in Interaction table is incorrect.
ORG-16304Improve the accuracy of Weibull Fit parametersFixed in Origin 2018. Previously the paramters of WeibullFit only has 4 digits, while Origin 2018 has full precision.
ORG-15915Find Y from X Issue when using Copy Columns To

Fixed in Origin 2018. For example:

  1. Perform Linear Fit and output the Find Y from X sheet.
  2. Right click on the data column and using "Copy To..." to copy data to the col(a) in Find Y from X sheet.
  3. Change source data to recalculate result.

      ==>Find Y from X sheet contains garbage values.




Wrong layer is exported when show active layer only is checked.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 8.5.1. If user has a multi-layer graph and View: Show: Active Layer Only is checked,

when exporting the graph, sometimes the inactive layer was exported.

 ORG-14764 In JOS the exported graph with unicode X using Japanese font fails to open by AI/GSview 

Fixed in Origin 2018.

  1. add Text object in graph (JOS default font type should be MS Pゴシック)and paste text: a\(x00D7)b
  2. export as eps

==> the exported file fails to be opened in GSview 5.0 or AI

 ORG-10750 Exported 3D OpenGL Graph is not real vector graphic

Fixed in Origin 2018. 

For now only 2D graph objects, axis title and axis labels can be exported as real text.

Add @OGLEO to control, it's combination of the following bits:
AxisLabels = 1,
AxisTitles = 2,
2DGraphObjects = 4,




Issue of importing a specified sheet of excel

Fixed in Origin 2018. 

Use LT script to import a specified sheet of excel file:

impExcel sheet:=1; 

==>It does not work.




colstats 1:2;

Fails to output statistics for each column.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017. For Example:

  1. Fill the 1st two columns of a worksheet with some numbers.
  2. Run "colstats 1:2;" in Script Window
    ==> It output cumulative statistics, e.g. In Output sheet, 1st row was statistics of 1st column; 2nd row was statistics of column 1 and 2 together. Statistics should be for column 2 only.


Set Column Values issues with string functions and conditional operators.

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug in Origin 2017. For example:

In below illustration, row 1 of column B should show China.

ORG-17023LT function Angleint2 and Angleint1 fail to return the value in units of degrees

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug in Origin 2017. For example:

angleint2(1,1,3,3,5,7,6,9,0) =; --> returns 0.32175055439664, which is radian result

angleint2(1,1,3,3,5,7,6,9,1) =; ==> still returns 0.32175055439664, but it should return degree result 18.434948822922

ORG-16317LT - Internally executed LabTalk call should not trigger ErrorProc

Fixed in Origin 2018.

  • X-function Case:
def ErrorProc {ty -b Err;};
{newbook -d};
  • Script inside parenthesis: 
def ErrorProc {type "ErrorProc execution";};
int flag = 1;
   type -c "some text";
   flag = 0;
   type Error ocurred;
   type OK;


VectorBase::Data() Issue

Fixed in Origin 2018. Add a system varible(@DET) based tolerance which should be a percent of the (max, min) step value, so using the max value should be only if the computed value is within this tolerance.

100 = current way, always take the end value specified
>= 1, percent of the step value as tolerance.
0 = work same as matlab, end value only as a stop


OC Error of using the non-English character µ as variable name

Fixed in Origin 2018. When there is a non-English character µ in variable name, it will fail to compile.

Introducing a new system variable @SID to control this, it has the following meanings:

  • @SID = 1 (default): stricter variable (identifier) naming convention checking when compiling, so the non-English characters such as the µ above won't work.
  • @SID = 0: loose naming check for identifiers, so it will be compiled successfully.
ORG-16794Origin crashes when rebuild all after open NLFit dialog once

Fixed in Origin 2018. Bug introduced in Origin 2017 sr2. For example:

  1. Open code builder and keep it opening.
  2. Open NLFit dialog to select function, then click Cancel button.
  3. Go to code builder, click rebuild all button.

  ==> Origin crashes.

ORG-17295Problems Saving to or Opening from Google Drive Fixed in Origin 2018. New location for saving ~TMP files used during project saving will be at "C:\Users\<user>\Documents\OriginLab\TempSave\" to avoid opj Saving to or Opening from Google Drive problem.




LaTeX link fails to work correctly in German Operation System
In German windows operation system like Win10, Origin2018  succeeds to insert LaTeX objects in graph window.




Slowness and crashing issue related to Printer

In previous versions, Origin is slow to launch and use related to some printers, such as

HP Laserjet P4010_P4510 Series PCL 6

HP Laserjet 4250 PCL 6


In Origin 2018 we removed such dependency so Origin should work normally no matter what the default printer is.