Origin 2016 SR2 Features/Improvements


ORG-14269Startup Tips Dialog Improvements

We improved Startup Tips dialog.

  1. Four new buttons are created to help new users get started, which include Getting Started Tutorials for user to follow step by step, and 3 quick overview videos to watch..
  2. Help: Startup Tips menu is added so user can open the dialog any time.
  3. Open Sample OPJs buttons is removed since user can always open sample opjs from File: Open Sample Projects: menu.


Color palette is more friendly to people with color-blindness

Add two built-in color lists for color-blindness people: Q09 ColorBlindSafe8 and Q10 ColorBlindSafe15

Import and Export

ORG-14310Make SPSS import an optional feature

This is a very specific import type. It will become an option during installation, and not selected by default.

ORG-14240Better default settings when exporting graph as EMF/EPS/PDF on Remote Desktop

System variable @emrd controls whether to draw text via polygons upon drawing EMF in remote desktop environment.

We found since Win8, no such issues. So

For OS Win7 or older, the default value is set to 2.

For OS Win8 or later, default value is set to 0.

ORG-14359Support add sparklines for Excel importIn impExcel dialog, Add Sparklines dropdown box is added to provide more option for Excel import.
ORG-14358Support add sparklines for CSV importIn impCSV dialog, Add Sparklines dropdown box is added to provide more option for CSV import.
ORG-14413Provide option to show file name in column label row for BRUKE OPUS file import

Add (Re)Naming Worksheet and Workbook controls for BRUKE OPUS file import.


Support importing 24-bit wav fileBefore Origin 2016sr2, only 8bit, 16bit, 32bit wav file was supported. 


ORG-14327Data label not shown at last point because for missing valuesLast point in data label should be the last plotted regardless the rest of missing values.


ORG-12758Add more CDF functions as buillt-in fitting distribution functions.Common used CDF functions - normalCDF, ExponentialCDF,GammaCDFLognormalCDFWeibullCDF - are added to built-in fitting functions. They can be reached at Analysis : Fitting : Nonlinear Curve Fit : Open dialog. In settings tab from the NLFit() dialog, select Function Selection, then go to the right panel, select Statistics in the Category dropdown list, those functions are shown in the Function dropdown list.



Add extra read-only system string registers

Add new substitution characters with two characters with formatting as %@A - %@Z. 

A: Apps root folder

F: Active folder name

H: Book name that contains the embedded graph

P: Active folder full path

Y: User AppData Root

ORG-13297Improve page.ISEMBEDDED

page.isEmbedded now can return the type (floating, embedded) of the specified page (image, graph, or sparkline), rather than just 0 or 1 to indicates whether was popped from an embedded cell or not as before. page.isEmbedded$ should always return parent sheet range.

ORG-14352X function has proper LabTalk StringArray support.

X function can now accept LabTalk StringArray as arguments.

ORG-14579edit -c command, which was used to customize the custom colors and default colors by opening the Color Palette, is forbidden now. Should advise user to use the GUI way.User should make their own custom colors using the new color control, and customize the default color for all graph elements using System Theme .





Uncheck Python during installation 
ORG-14310Uncheck SPSS during installation

This is a very specific import type. It will become an option during installation, and not selected by default.



Improve Audit Log Time recording

Now time zone information is included in Project Audit Log time recording.