Origin 2015 SR1 Features

Ease of Use

ORG-11637PE: View Extra Large Icons context menu is addedIn Details view of bottom panel in Project Explorer, if there are many windows and they fill up the space, right click will not show View context menu to switch view mode.
show View context menu to change
ORG-12155Combine entries in File Types dropdown list of File: Open dialog.

Customer complained there are too many entries in File Types dropdown list which isn't convenient to use.

Some entries are combined so user doesn't need to switch File Types that often.



ORG-12196In Project Explorer, when click on the worksheet to rename we add a bigger toggle button and a hot-key to control to either rename Short Name or Long Name
  1. The hot-key Ctrl+N when at editing mode can switch to renaming by Long Name or Short Name
  2. A new system variable @PERB=0 to hide toggle button, and by default to rename Long Name.

ORG-11968Support Duplicate Graph with New Columns for 3D graphs plotted from XYZ column.We added batch plotting for 3D graphs plotted from matrix data in Origin 2015 SR0. Expanded it to 3D graphs plotted from XYZ columns now.
ORG-12366Control font in Script Window

E.g. in [Font] section of Origin.ini in your Origin's User Files Folder, add




ORG-11202Need square ended graphing object

 Introduce system variable @LCG to specify the line cape type for XY scale, arrow, line and polyline object square end:

0 = Line cap round

1 = Line cap square

2 = Line cap flat

ORG-7420OGL graph should support 2D arrow/lines etc. graph objects3D OpenGL graphs support 2D solid arrow/lines etc. graph objects


ORG-9424Support pClamp 10.4 file for third-party file import 
ORG-12260Import pClamp files abf 2.0.5 (released on NeuroScience 2014)

After Origin 2015 SR0 release, Molecular Devices released a new device with new abf 2.0.5 file format so it's not supported in SR0.

Need to patch to Origin 2015 SR1 if you would like to import it.

ORG-12328Create sheets for each variable after importing Mat file into hierarchical structure

Introduce system variable @MVE to specify whether create sheets for each variable after importing Mat file as hierarchical structure

0 = (by default) matlab variable not expand automatically.

1 = expand the variable, and also expand all its members recursively.

ORG-10494Tool for import/export XMLSupport import and export XML file after install IOXML 1.1.opx in Origin. Need 9.0SR1 or later.




A new x-function colsplit is added to split/unstack column(s).

In Script window, run colsplit -d to open the dialog.

Two Subgroup Methods are provided:

 By every Nth row

By Sequential N Rows


Ability to keep uneditable parameters/values in analysis template

If we set the column to disable edit, values in the column will be kept in analysis templates.


  1. Prepare a worksheet as the image in the left. The parameter values are put in column E. 
  2. Right click on column E and choose Format Cells from the context menu
  3. Right click on the title bar of workbook and choose Save as Analysis Template

The saved OGW file can then be used in batch processing to process multiple datasets




ORG-12071Cluster Gadget: Support statistics in X direction A "X Value" check-box is added in Calculation tab of the Cluster Preferences dialog.

Signal Processing

ORG-11458FFT Gadget: Add option to remove DC offsetA "Keep DC Offset" check-box is added in the Preview graph of FFT Gadget.



ORG-8219Want Labtalk for setting substitution level for graph objectsNew property "object.link" added.

Want combined Tile and Cascade Windows arrangement

Combined tile and cascade arrangement

  1. window -s ch
    tile horizontally,then cascade each column
  2. window -s cv
    tile vertically, cascade each column

  3. window -s ct
    tile and cascade

Tile all windows in descending sequence

  1. window -s th3 or window -s tv3
    tile first by window type(workbook->excel->graph->matrix->layout-notes),then by name descending
  2. window -s th4 or window -s tv4
    tile by window name descending

note: the above descending mode (3,4) and ascending mode(1,2) also support for window -s ch/cv/ct.

ORG-12150New labtalk functions for signal processing/FFT

We added following labtalk functions for signal processing:

1. fftc

vector<complex> fftc(vector<complex> cx)

It calculates the complex FFT result for given cx. We should use different algorithms depending on whether cx is real.
If cx's size is n, then output size is also n. (shift should be off.)

2. fftmag

vector fftmag(vector<complex> cx, int side=1 )

It can be used to calculate magnitude from FFT complex result. side=1 for one-sided by default, side=2 for two-sided and shift.

3. fftamp

vector fftamp(vector<complex> cx, int side=1 )

It can be used to calculate amplitude from FFT complex result. side=1 for one-sided by default, side=2 for two-sided and shift.

4. fftphase

vector fftphase(vector<complex> cx, int side=1, int unwrap=1, int unit=1 )

It can be used to calculate amplitude from FFT complex result.
side=1 for one-sided by default, side=2 for two-sided and shift.
unwrap=0 not unwrap phase angle, 1 for unwrap by default.
unit=1 for degrees unit by default, 0 for radians unit.

5. ifftshift

vector<complex> ifftshift(vector<complex> cx)

When fft result is shifted, to do ifft, we need unshift the result first.

6. invfft

vector<complex> invfft(vector<complex> cx)

Compute inverse FFT from fft result. If input size is n, output size is n.

7. fftfreq

vector fftfreq(double time, int n, int side=1, int shift=1)

Calculate frequencies for FFT results, the original result is time*data(0,n-1)
time: sampling interval
n: signal size
side: 1 for one-sided(by default), 2 for two-sided
shift: 0 for no-shift, and 1 for shift(by default), it is used for two-sided.
Return frequencies, two-sided size is n, one-sided size is ceil((n+1)/2)

8. fftshift

vector<complex> fftshift(vector<complex> cx)

It can be used to shift FFT results or frequency.

9. windata

vector windata(int type, int n)

type=0 rectangle, 1: Welch, 2: Triangular, 3: Bartlett, 4: Hanning, 5: Hamming, 6: Blackman
n is size for the window.
Return a vector of size n.


ORG-12392Share UIM Tool to Origin regularThis used to be an OriginPro feature. Make it available in Origin regular now.


ORG-10714Support rotate 3D graphs separated out windows.Support the click to rotate in the additional graph windows.