Origin 2015 SR1 Bug Fixes


ORG-12180Heatmap: If deleting some column label rows in the source worksheet, graph disappeared

Plot a heatmap from worksheet data with X or Y in column label row and used Date/Time format

Go back to worksheet and delete some column label row e.g. an empty F(x) row

==> Graph became blank.

ORG-12182Graph theme with page level properties saved in older version failed to apply in Origin 2015The problem only exists for theme files saved since Origin 91sr1 Beta Tester
ORG-12202Plot Type is Text when adding new plots in Layer Contents dialog

Plot a line graph ad then open Layer Contents dialog.

Add more plot to layer.

==> Plot Type of newly added plot is Text

Found in Origin 2015 SR0 and Origin 8.6

Beta Tester
ORG-12074Failure to Pan plots made from Virtual Matrix with Date/Time kind of X or Y values.

When plotting graph with Virtual Matrix with Date/Time kind of X or Y data, the corresponding axis's major ticks will be set to

By Dataset with VM1.sub(x)

Origin's Zoom and Panning tool supports zoom/pan by percentage or by major/minor tick values.
When zooming/panning with major/minor tick mode, it will fail.


issue on Annotation tool for Certain Graph Types like contour/ bubble


1. annotation text's position is wrong on bubble plot.

2. Annotation text is rotated and no connection line show on contour plot

Beta Tester
 ORG-12114Paste Format context menu issues in coordinates for special plot and 3d plot

 The option in context menu of paste format should be consistent with axis dialog.ORG-12233

 ORG-12233Crash when define gobject for 3d object in OpenGL graph Run script "gobject abc=zf;  //zf is object name of the left z axis title". ==> Origin crashed.

The crash happens since 92sr0, not in previous versions.

Although we do not fully support LT access to 3d text object yet, we should at least make it work as 91 and no crash.

ORG-12187New Graph page leads to crash in Crossover on Mac in Origin 2015 SR0Origin 2015 SR1 fixed new plotting graph crash bug in Crossover/Wine(Virtual Machine Software) on Mac/Linux OSCustomer
ORG-12391Color scale bar created in former version displayed incorrectly in 2015 SR0Open old opjs with color scale bar, ticks will not be turned on automatically.Customer
ORG-12405Heatmap speed issueThe graphing speed has been improved for heatmap with large size matrix.Customer
ORG-12470Multi-column legend box because huge when reopen the opj

Plot a graph with multiple data

Ctrl+drag legend handles to arrange legend into multiple columns. (new feature in Origin 215)

Save the opj and then reopen the opj.

==> Legend box becomes bigger. Everytime you save and reopen, it will become bigger and bigger.

The problem only exists in opj made in Origin 2015 sr0. No problem in opj made in Origin 2015.

For problematic opj, you can fix the legend first and save again in Origin 2015 SR1.





Ticks to Label drop-down list was empty for 2D Waterfall graph's Custom Tick Labels tab of Axis dialog Inhouse


Axis Scale failed to update if there are 3 levels of linking


If there are multi-levels of linking, sometimes graph parent layer failed to update with grandchild.

Beta Tester
ORG-12020Axis failed to rescale automatically for Grouped plot If new group are added in source worksheet, graph failed to rescale automatically to include themInhouse
ORG-12439Bigger default Maximum Number of Ticks Default maximum number of ticks has been re-set to 400.Inhouse



ORG-12295ImpNIDIAdem Failed on User's FileCan't import NIDIAdem file that created with software from National Instruments (Dasylab).Customer



ORG-12247Data filter failed to work if graph and worksheet are not in the same folder or worksheet is hidden.

Add filter in a column and plot the data.

Plot a graph.

Move graph window to a different folder.

Rescale the graph.

==> All data show.

ORG-12255Incorrect Page Break Preview Line when page orientation is PortraitSome wrong page break calculation since 9.2 sr0.Inhouse
ORG-12102For large data, it was very slow to open Reduce Rows dialog. Inhouse
ORG-12488Crash when click New window buttons when cursor is in edit mode of F(X) cell

Steps to reproduce the crash:

  1. In a worksheet, enter 2 in F(X) cell of Column A and press Enter to fill column A with 2.
  2. Double click F(X) cell of column A and change 2 into 3 (don't press Enter yet)
  3. Still in this in-place edit mode, click New Matrix/New Workbook/New Graph button to create new window
    ==>Origin crash.
ORG-12379Recalculation can now detect object variable and UIM changeIf your operations such as Set Column Values use LabTalk variable or UIM object like Status as input, changing their values will now be able to trigger the recalcualtion.Inhouse




ORG-10150Fitted Curve's X data problems

 If source graph scale type is not linear

  • Though X Data Type is Same as Input Data, the x data on FitLinearCurve sheet isn't the same as input X. Existed since 9.1.
  • Though X Data Type is Uniform Linear, the x data on FitLinearCurve sheet isn't linear. Existed since 8.0 SR6
  • Wrong X data for fitted curve in Concatenate Fit
  • Wrong fitted result for apparent fit.

When changing parameters, the X Data Type always reset to default "Use Source Graph Scale Type". Existed since 8.0 SR6

Failed to set output X data type as Log if source graph scale type is Linear.

Wrong X data for fitted curve if choose Log but source graph scale type is neither Log10 nor Linear.



ORG-12158Pearson's r value failed to show on scatter matrix graph in origin regular version

The problem existed since 9.1 sr0 when that option is added into the tool.

ORG-12249Incorrect sorting result for Discrete FrequencyThe problem existed since 9.2 sr0 when that option is added into the tool.Inhouse
ORG-12164Result of Distribution Fit is different from the distribution estimation in HistogramThe problem existed since 9.2 sr0 when Distribution Fit is added into Origin.Inhouse
ORG-8582Distance Matrix branch in report sheet of HCA becomes empty if recalculating from graph windowThe problem existed since 8.6 sr0.Inhouse



ORG-12191XYZ Surface Area result was wrong if some z data are 0

Broken in Origin 2015 sr0 


Signal Processing

ORG-12271FFT gadget bugs in Origin 2015 SR0
  • FFT gadget failed to work on OGG file
  • Run-time error/crash when there is gadget tool on the Preview graph of FFT gadget


ORG-12079Slowness when doing STFT with large data
  • Import sample.wav from \sample\signal processing into worksheet.
  • Highlight column A, select Analysis: Signal Processing: STFT to open dialog, check Output Worksheet, then click ok
    --> In Origin 9.1, it took about 5 minutes.
    ==>In Origin 2015, it took about 60 minutes. User may think Origin froze.

    Improved this in SR1 so it only takes 1 minutes now.





Bad layout of dialog with big DPIIf DPI is bigger than 100%, sometimes some dialogs e.g. Nonlinear Curve Fit, Set Column Values, etc. may have bad layout. Improved now.Customer
ORG-10700Bug fixes for Retina Display supportMore fixes for issues running Origin on Retina Display device.Inhouse
ORG-12184Origin crashed or messed up after reinitializing if having dock window

Have some windows docked together, e.g. Results Log, Command Window, etc.

Reinitialize layouts of Origin workspace.

==> Origin crashed

ORG-5145Origin workspace toolbars show in Code Builder
  • Turn on Scale Toolbars for Larger System Font Settings and restart Origin.
  • Open Code Builder.
  • Close Code Builder.
  • Reopen Code Builder.
    ==> Code Builder toolbar buttons are screwed up- there are various Origin buttons in place of Code Builder buttons.
Beta Tester
ORG-12262command window failed to show after restarting originmake command window show(no matter dock or floating), restart origin, ==>command fail to showCustomer

Fail to keep large size buttons after opening code builder


check Use Large Button in options tab of customize dialog.

open code builder then close it.

==>toolbar buttons become normal size.

we hide the Options tab of customize dialog in code builder in 2015SR1.

Beta Tester

Reorder Docked Windows with Auto hidden checked or Keep Fixed Order


Origin2015SR1 will fix tab order for all of our dockable windows, the order as following:
  1. Project Explorer; 2. Quick Help; 3. Message Log; 4. Smart Hint Log; 5. Result Log; 6. Command Window.
Beta Tester


ORG-12181LabTalk: getfile saves path info into %A and %B incorrectly if file is NOT placed in first driver
  • Execute the following script:

getfile *.*;

  • Select D:\PET.pal (make sure D driver is NOT the first one), a valid file.

==> get this:

The problem started in Origin 2015 SR1 and only happens if file isn't place in first drive of your PC

ORG-12174Failed to pass arguments into user-defined button
  • Create the following LT script and save it to a file:
switch (%1)
	case 1:
		type -a "Case 1";
	case 2:
		type -a "Case 2";
		type -a "Default";
  • Create a user-defined button that calls the OGS file with Section Name: "testsection" and Argument List: 2

    --> In 9.1, "Case 2" is output to Script Window.
    --> In 2015 "Default" is output to Script Window.
Beta Tester

Status for Clear All Breakpoints toolbar is not updated after it is executed


Clear All Breakpoints button is still enable after clear all breakpoints

Beta Tester

Origin crash after print preview in code builder

select file:print preview in code builder with any file active.

==>origin crash

ORG-12487layer.axis.postype and layer.y.position no longer work in 9.2

In a graph window,

run the following script in Origin 2015 SR0. Nothing happens. Fixed in sr1.

layer.y.postype=1; //specify y axis position by percentage

layer.y.position=-50 //specify the y axis position to be 50 percent from the left (middle of x axis)


ORG-12490Failed to set custom scale after break via Labtalk script

E.g. The following script fails to set ticks after 1st break to be by increment 0.5,

fails to set ticks after 2nd break by dataset, and set ticks to be at 6.7, 7.1, 7.9 8.5 9.6.

win -t plot;
//Enable two axis breaks in x axis
layer.x.breaks.enable = 1;
layer.x.breaks.count = 2;
//Customize the first axis break
//Set the break to be from 2 to 4
layer.x.break1.from = 2;
layer.x.break1.to = 4;
//Change the axis break position to be at 40%
layer.x.break1.pos = 40;
//Change the increment after the first axis break to be 0.5
layer.x.break1.inc = 0.5;
//Customize the second axis break
//Set the break's from and to values to be from 6 to 6.5
layer.x.break2.from = 6;
layer.x.break2.to = 6.5;
//Change the major tick type to be "By Dataset" after the second break
layer.x.break2.tickstype = 3;
//Define a dataset and use it as major tick location after break
layer.x.break2.ticksbydata$ = 6.7 7.1 7.9 8.5 9.6;



ORG-12175Open OPJ saved with German interface in English interface

After opening the opj and clicking Change Parameters to open some analysis dialog and change some settings,

==> Nothing happened or sometimes some nodes in result became empty.


Origin fail to connect to mathematica V10.0

Origin fail to connect Mathmetica 10 if no other Mathematica version was installed beforeCustomer

Installation and Licensing

ORG-12344Origin 2015 failed to start due to R6030 CRT not initialized error. Fixed in sr1.Customer
ORG-12330Open Registry Failure when starting Origin.

This happens:

  • NON-Admin account on Windows XP.
  • Run Origin over a remote desktop connection + concurrent license.
ORG-123862015 dongle (key) stopped working after using it for a whileThe dongle may become corrupt if 2 Origins try to access it at the same time.Customer