ORG-9164Origin C system workspace improvement  - System Folder Build Failed problemA message for that OC system files needed restore with OK button now may appear in some situation.
ORG-828Failure to Transfer older files if all old Origins have been uninstalled If user has uninstalled all old Origins on his/her PC and then install new Origin and choose Tools: Transfer User Files... menu.User would fail to choose Specified Folder option and transfer files. The Transfer button is always grayed out.


Origin Crashes when projects containing large number of non-OpenGL plots



Shortcuts conflict with Polish character

Shortcut "Ctrl+Alt+C" is reserved for Polish character "c", "Ctrl+Alt+A" is reserved for polish character "a". In 9.1, it disables these shortcuts to do copy, or select all. 


Unable to save a project when there is minimized window/dialog.

Previously it's not able to close or save a project when there are minimized windows, especially when the minimized window is dragged out side of Origin work space and is not easy to find the minimized window. In 9.1, the minimized window will be restored if user wants to save or close the project, so that any minimized window will be visible. 


Unable to Save Project as Analysis Template When No Windows in Current Folder 

In 9.0, if current folder doesn't have windows, no saving dialog would come up upon saving project as analysis template. In 9.1, we fix this.

OPJ Backward Compatibility 

Waterfall is shown differently in 9.0 as in old 8.x versions. In 9.1, it fixes the problem. 

OPJ Backward Compatibility 

Stating from Origin 8.51, it starts to use a different tick labels. In 9.1, it changes back the way in earlier version.