Import & Export


Import ASCII Progress Bar behaves incorrectly for large data file

Fixed Progress Bar beyond 100% quickly and Size info in Import Wizard and impASC dialog are incorrect when importing large data file, such as 4 GB.


Export graphs to Office 2013 PowerPoint issues in Origin 9.0

  1. Export graphs to Office 2013 PowerPoint will only export the first created one.
  2. Slide position and title settings failed to work.
  3. Graphs fail to auto resize after sending.

    All the bugs above are fixed in Origin 9.1.

Not Output to Specified Worksheet For Third Party Importing

In 9.0 when importing Third Party files of NI TDM, Matlab, MNTB and JNB, output always to be New Workbook even specified to be current workbook. 9.1 has fixed this.