Graph Customization



Transparency in a scatter density plot

In the scatter density plot, when points have exactly same XY coordinates, only the first point is drawn, and ends up not having proper transparency showing. It's fixed in 9.1.

Limit Number of Box Plots

In 9.0, when box plots reaches the limit number, it can't add more box plots until delete previous ones. In 9.1, it removes this limitation. 

Wrong Wind Direction for Wind Rose Graph

To translate wind direction to degree for Wind Rose graph, north usually denotes 0 degree. In geology, wind direction is where the wind is from. When plot using raw data, and set wind direction as blowing from, it should use 0 degree as north, not south. 9.1 correct this. 

Auto Update Issues

  1. Origin 9.1 fixes the problem of auto update in histogram graph, especially when substitution with bigger data files. 
  2. Origin 9.1 fixes the problem to update affiliated columns when changing bin size for histogram graph. 

3D XYZ Graphs Ignores Column Filters

In 9.0, for XYZ data, even if there is data filtering in a column, 3D graph will still plot all data. This is fixed in 9.1.

XYZ Contour Custom Boundary Not Work For Large Data

Set Custom Boundary doesn't work when there is a large data set for XYZ contour. It's been fixed in 9.1. 


Waterfall drawing order is incorrect

The order of curves does not follow from-front-to-back order in waterfall plot. When the curves are overlapping, the first curve should be on the front and the last should be on the back but it's the opposite. It will become correct when reordering back and forth in Layer Contents



Auto Axes Scale Issues when Plotting Multi-curve Graph

In 9.0, when plot multiple curves and each curve has a different x scale, it's not automatically re-scaled then not every curve is fully displayed. You will need to manually rescale to see every data. In 9.1 it will automatically re-scale to show every curve right after plotting. 

Ticks by Dataset for Z axis not saved with ogg

When major ticks for z axis is Ticks by Dataset, and save the graph as OGG, reloading the graph you will see z axis is set back as By Increment, not Ticks by Dataset. It happens to 3D Scatter plot and 2D ternary. It's fixed in 9.1.

Ticks From Dataset failes when data is non-monotonic

In 9.0, if Ticks From Dataset is random data, it's not recognized. In 9.1, random data will be sorted and can be used as Ticks From Dataset.

Time Format Tick Issue

First tick doesn't work for time format data. 

Page and Layer


Keep Current Page Dimension when Adding Layers

In the past, if user has changed graph dimensions on Print/Dimensions tab on Graph level in n Plot Details dialog and then added Layers, the graph dimension will be changed back to default dimensions. This is fixed in 9.1.

Problem of very big graph page dimension

Large Graph Page sizes caused display problem, and it should work now. Here, "large" means such that at least one of the following two properties: 
page.width =
page.height =

which approaches or exceeds 65536.

Graphic Objects


Can't Move Drawn Lines When Axes Exchanged

In 9.0, drawn lines can't be moved after activating Exchange X-Y Axes. 9.1 fixes this. 

Line disappears with transparency setting

Setting Transparency causes line to disappear in OPJ. Setting @LPS=8000 or smaller avoids the problem.

Dialog Related Bugs

Context Menu


New Color Scale popup menu on Colormap when selecting plot

In 9.0, it is not available to add more than one colormap scales when different plots are on the same layer, or the plots are from same dataset.


In 9.1, this is fixed.  After selecting the plot, users can add "New Color Scale" by the flyout of Colormap from  context menu.

Layer Contents Dialog

ORG-7656Plot failed to show in Layer Contents dialog's right panel if Virtual Matrix name start with number

In 9.0, if user happened to name Z Title (=VM name) starting with numbers e.g. 1stVM, when creating 3D or Contour graph from Virtual Matrix,

User failed to use such Virtual Matrices in Layer Contents dialog. E.g. the image below, no Virtual matrix can be listed on right panel. User can move two Virtual Matrices into one layer.

Fixed in 9.1 now. S is automatically added in front of Virtual Matrix names created in plotvm dialog.

Layer Management Dialog


Layer Management Failed to Show All Axes Frame For Multiple Layers Graph

In 9.0 for a multi-layer graph, when checked Layer Management: Show Axes Frame, frame only shows on the first layer not it's children layers. In 9.1, it's fixed to show frames for all the layers (see following).  

Plot Details Dialog



Link Axes Scales tab: Link to dropdown list failed to show real layer names

In 9.0, even though each layer has different names, the layer names in Link to dropdown list don't match.

In 9.1, they match. So user knows clearly which current layer be linked to.



Linking X-axes in Plot Details Not Preserve Axis Break

If axes are linked via Plot Details, the subsequent axis break is not preserved, while linked via Layer Management the break is preserved. It's been fixed in 9.1 to preserve axis break via both Plot Details and Layer Management.

Unchecked Show Units for Auto Axis Title Failed for Y Axis

In 9.0, when unchecked Show Units For Auto Axis Title, it only works for x axis not y axis. In 9.1, it fixes not to show units when unchecked for both x and y axis. 


Plot Setup dialog box


Failure to set Size or Color indexing of plot to be Columns before X column

In the past, if user opened Plot Setup dialog, and choose to plot BubbleColor Mapped or Bubble+Color Mapped plot types, user could not set Size and Color to be a column before the specified X column. It's fixed in 9.1.


Failed to Add Multiple Bubble/Colormap Plots in Plot Setup

In 9.0, when adding multiple data sets in Plot Setup menu for Bubble/Colormap graphing, only the first dataset was plotting Bubble/Colormap, others were plotted as symbol. 9.1 fixes it. 


Image Profile Dialog


Image Profile dialog disappears after loading an OPJ which was saved with dialog open.

In 9.0 for a multi-layer graph, when checked Layer Management: Show Axes Frame, frame only shows on the first layer not it's children layers. In 9.1, it's fixed to show frames for all the layers (see following).