Features that were changed in 8.1 SR3


  • Add "Switch to Linear Fit" and "Switch to Polynomial Fit" menu for Quick Fit. ID = 15218
  • Show integrated area for Gadget Integration. ID = 15244
  • Voigt function for Multiple Peak Fit tool is added. ID = 15243



  • Change LabTalk notation for user tree access to be consistent with graphical user interface. ID = 15204
  • New bit for type.redirection is added to set the script window as output target window. ID = 15241
  • An option for nlend to read AutoUpdate Mode from theme is added. ID = 15323

Import/Export Data

  • Support slide show/ppt slide of embedded graphs. ID = 15208


  • Add LabVIEW sample EXE based on Simulated_DAQ.vi for product demonstration. ID = 15238