100% Stacked Column/Bar Plots

(ORG-8825) (ORG-7956) 

Product Page of 100% Column and Bar Plot

Sample OPJ to download to try:  Column_Plots.opj

Turn stacked Column to Percent with option to connect line between stack column/bar.

How to:

  • Menus and toolbar buttons added Plot: Column/Bar/Pie: menu

  • Controls on Stack tab of Layer level in Plot Details dialog:
    Normalize to Percent for Cumulative checkbox
    Show Connect Line on Stack Column/Bar checkbox to control connecting stacked column/bars with line or not. A new Line tab will show in Plot Properties level.
    Note: When Use Subgrouping (in Group tab) for Cumulative is checked, Show Connect Line on Stack Column/Bar checkbox would be disabled.

  • To show data labels as percentage
    go to Labels tab and set Label Form to be Custom. Format String to be $(p,.1)%, .1 means one decimal places.
    If want to show both percentage and actual value, set Format String to be $(Y,E*3)%(CRLF)$(p,.1)%. E*3 means using engineering type and keep 3 sigificant digits.

  • To Hide small labels
    Go to Labels tab and check Hide label if Column/Bar Height Less than (%) check box and set the value.