5.27 FAQ-701 I cannot save the project because there is an invisible open dialog or minimized dialog. How to solve the problem?

Last Update: 7/31/2018

You may encounter this problem unconsciously. You open a dialog with the OPJ opened, perform some operation, and then "hide" it somehow, maybe by minimizing it or dragging it out of your computer display screen. When you save the working project, the error message "Please close all open dialogs before closing Origin" will pop up. But at this time, you cannot find the dialog and thus cannot close it. To solve this problem, try the follow two solutions:


Change the Screen Resolution to be a greatly different one to check if there is any minimized dialog shown.

If Solution1 does not work, try Solution2.


Download and run the CloseOriginDialogs.exe file (If installed Origin 64bit version, it is better to run the CloseOriginDialogs_64.exe file), which will close all possible popped up dialogs.

Keywords:minimized dialog, save OPJ