2.43 FAQ-477 How to enable rich text for worksheet header rows?

Last Update: 7/13/2018

To show special symbols in the column label rows, such as subscripts in the Units row, you need to enable rich text mode. There are two ways to enable rich text:

  1. Right-click on the corresponding column label row and enable rich text in the context menu. For example, if you want to enable rich text for Long Name, right click on the Long Name label row; then in the context menu, point to Set Long Name Styles and check Rich Text.
Set style.png


  1. Select Format: Worksheet from the Origin menu to open the Worksheet Properties dialog.
  2. Select the Format tab, and then change the Apply To drop down list to the desired header row, such as Long Name, and select the Rich Text check box as shown in the screenshot below:
    Wks prop.png
  • After enabling rich text for worksheet header rows, you can insert special characters using the Symbol Map and add subscript/superscript using the Format toolbar directly.
  • Once Rich Text is enabled, some advanced settings such as Wrap Text, Float and Ellipse are not allowed.
  • All rich text can be used to annotate graphs, such as on plot legend and axis titles.

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