5.17 FAQ-356 How do I reset my graph or worksheet template to default settings?

Last Update: 1/3/2019

Every window (workbook, graph, matrix, etc.) in your Origin project is created from a specific window template. In a new Origin installation, all templates are "built-in" templates. When you customize a graph or worksheet and save customizations to a template file, you have the option of saving the file using the name of the built-in template. When you do this, the file is written to your User Files Folder and this template then becomes the default. Going forward, when you click the corresponding toolbar button or menu command, you call this custom template.

If at some point, you wish to roll back to the settings in the built-in template, you will have to remove or delete your custom template from your User Files Folder.

  1. Select Preference: Options from menu. In the Options dialog, activate System Path tab.
  2. Select User Files Folder item and click Copy.
  3. Open Windows Browser and paste the UFF path in the address bar. This will go to UFF.
  4. Locate the graph templates (.otpu, .otp), or worksheet templates (.otwu, .otw) you want to delete. Delete them.

This will restore the built-in template as the default template.

Keywords:template, built-in, custom, default, Template Library, User Files