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5.29 FAQ-708 How do I permanently change the value of a system variable?

Last Update: 3/21/2018

The "@" system variables are used in Origin to control various behaviors, generally at a much lower level than settings found in Tools : Options. For instance, Origin has an @DAM system variable that controls the default Recalculation mode when opening an Analysis dialog box that includes this control (0 = None; 1=Auto; 2=Manual). OriginLab publishes quite an extensive list of "@" variables that is continually added to and updated.

You can change the startup value of any of the "@" system variables by typing the Variable and its updated Value into the Set System Variables dialog box (Tools: System Variables...). Optionally, you can add a Comment that helps you to remember what the "@" variable controls.

Set system variables dialog.png
  • When adding variables to the Set System Variables dialog box you do not precede the variable name with the "@" character.
  • Note that the variable name is not case-sensitive.

If you only want to alter the value of an "@" variable for the duration of the current session, you can change its value by opening the Script Window (Window: Script Window) and typing an expression like "@DAM=1", then pressing ENTER.

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