2.77 FAQ-827 How to mask data points on box chart?

Last Update: 10/26/2016

Currently, it cannot mask data points on box chart by Mask Points on Active Plot tool Button Mask On Active Plot.pngdirectly, but it can try the following steps working-around:

  1. Having a box chart with data points, select Data Reader tool Button Data Reader.png in the Tools toolbar.
  2. Point and click the data point you want to mask, and then Data Info window showing the X and Y coordinates of the selected data point will appear.
  3. On Data Info window, right-click and choose Go To Worksheet in the flyout menu.
  4. The row of the selected point in the worksheet is highlighted.
  5. Reselect only the targeted data cell of the dataset, right-click the cell, and choose Mask: Apply in the flyout menu.

Keywords:mask, box chart, data point

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 2015 SR0