2.18 FAQ-429 How to directly copy Excel data with more than 15 significant digits to Origin?

Last Update: 1/7/2019

When you directly copy data with more than 15 significant digits from Microsoft  \textsuperscript{\circledR} Excel into Origin, the raw data will be truncated to 15 significant digits. This is due to the working precision limit in Excel.

To get the raw data with full precision from Excel to Origin, you have to import the Excel file instead of copy and paste. To import, use Data: Import from File: Excel(XLS, XLSX, XLSM)... from Origin menu.

Once the data are imported, to view all digits of data you can go to Preference: Options to bring up Options dialog. In the Numeric Format tab, check the Significant Digits radio box and set the Number of Digits; Or double click on a specified column to bring up the Column Properties dialog, and set significant digits in Options:Digits.

Keywords:Excel, import data, decimal places, significant digits