1.104 FAQ-624 How to add fill color under selected range of a curve?

Last Update: 1/7/2019

Using Integrate Gadget

  1. Using Integration Gadget and make sure Keep the shading color after New Output is checked. Note: This is only available since Origin 2018b.
  2. Click the > button and choose New Output.
  3. Shade will be added.
  4. You can add shades in multiple regions by moving the ROI and choose New Output.
  5. Click X to close the gadget.
  6. Select a fill area and using Style toolbar to customize fill color and pattern.
Fill area under subrange.gif

In Origin 2016 SR1, this check box is Keep the shading color after closing gadget instead to keep the shade once you close the gadget. Only one region can be shaded.

Duplicate Plot and Fill Subrange of Duplicated Plot

Since Origin 2016, Origin supports copy a plot and paste it as a duplicate copy. So

  1. Click the Regional Data Selector tool Button Selection On Active Plot.png in the Tools toolbar, select a range of the plot. Press Esc key to escape from the selection mode.
  2. Click the range to select it, and Ctrl+C to copy it.
  3. Ctrl+V to plot it.
  4. Double-click on the graph to open the Plot Details dialog, select the pasted plot in the left panel, go to the Line tab to check the Fill Area Under Curve check box to fill the are you desired.

Note: The fill area may block the bottom X axis. Right click X axis and uncheck Data on Top of Axes to show axis on top.

Fill area under subrange method2.gif

Add Same Plot to Graph Again

Old Method before Origin 2016:

  1. There are several ways to add subrange of plot to graph:
    • Select the range of data in worksheet and drag and drop it into the graph.
    • Drag and drop the whole column into graph first and then edit the range in Layer Contents dialog.
    • In Layer Conents dialog, select column and move to layer and then edit the range.
    • In Plot Setup dialog, add the column into the graph and edit the range.
  2. Once the plot is added to graph, open Plot Details dialog and select the subrange on the left. On Line tab, check Fill Area under Curve.
  3. Go to Pattern tab to customize fill color and pattern.

Note: The fill area may the bottom X axis. In Plot Details dialog, go to Layer level. On Display tab, uncheck Data on Top of Axis. X axis will show.

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