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1.105 FAQ-622 How can I create a double Y column plot, so that the two column series have Y-axis of their own?

Last Update: 9/12/2017

If you have XYY data and want to create a double Y column plot (i.e. shared X axis, individual Y axes and side-by-side display), you could follow the steps below:

For Origin 2018
  1. Highlight the XYY data and select Plot>2D: Multi-Y: Double-Y Column to create a double Y column plot directly.
For Origin 2017 and older versions:
  1. Highlight the XYY data and select Plot: Multi-Y: Double Y to create a double Y line and symbol plot.
  2. Double click on the plot to open the Plot Details dialog. Make sure the left panel is expanded and the first data plot of Layer 1 is selected there, in the bottom-left corner, select Column/Bar for Plot Type, do the same for the second data plot in Layer 2.
  3. Click the GraphN tree node in the left panel to go to page level of this dialog, go to Miscellaneous tab on the right panel and select Column/Bar Gap/Offset Across Layers.
  4. Click OK to apply the settings and get the double Y column plot.

Keywords:Bar Plot, Grouped Plot, Plot Offset, Multi-Axis, gap


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