5.28 FAQ-707 How do I disable Project Explorer previews and Smart Hint messages?

Last Update: 8/27/2015

Smart Hints and Project Explorer previews are intended to improve your Origin software experience and make it easier to find your data. However, if you would rather dispense with hints and previews, you can disable them in the current session by opening the Script Window (Window: Script Window), typing one or more of the following, highlighting your script entries and pressing ENTER:

  • @SHS=0; //turn off Smart Hints
  • @PESS=-1; //turn off graph previews in Project Explorer
  • @PESH=0 //turn off comments previews in Project Explorer

If, during the session, you want to restore the default values:

  • @SHS=1; // ... then click Help:Reactive All Hints
  • @PESS=1; // show graph previews in Project Explorer
  • @PESH=1; // show comments previews in Project Explorer

Disabling these features in this way only turns them off in the current session. If you close Origin and restart, these variables are reset to their default values.

To make your changes "permanent", see this FAQ topic.

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