1.236 FAQ-1010 How to create an implicit function plot?

Last Update: 5/16/2019

To create a plot of an implicit function, you will need to create an implicit function and then simulate this function. For example, to plot function

  1. Create an implicit user-defined function by Tools: Fitting Function Organizer.
    1. Create a new user-defined function under "User Defined" category.
    2. Define the function as follow:
      • Function Name = Heart
      • Function Model = Implicit.
      • Variables = x,y
      • Function From = Equation
      • Function = f=x*x+(y-(x*x)^(1/3))^2-r^2.
        Note: You can also refer to function "Circle" under Implicit category for how to define an implicit function.
    3. Click Save button to save it.
  2. Click Simulate button to create a plot of this function.
Qh 1010 1.png
Qh 1010 2.png

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