1.99 FAQ-602 How do I control the settings of Speed Mode in Origin for plotting, printing and file export?

Last Update: 1/8/2019

Speed Mode is a method Origin uses to enhance the redraw speed of the data in your graph. Depending on different situations, you have the following ways to control the speed mode setting:

Speed Mode for Screen Display

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Speed Mode during Printing

To control speed mode for printing, make the graph window active and use File:Print menu to bring up the dialog, use the Worksheet data, Skip points and/or Matrix data, Maximum points to control speed mode in a same way as that for screen display.

Speed Mode during Exporting

Whether to use speed mode in exporting (if it is turned on for screen display) is specified by the If speed mode is enabled for display, apply to graphic export as well checkbox in the Miscellaneous tab of the Plot Details - Page Properties dialog. (Use Format: Page to open the dialog).

Speed Mode Watermark

To turn on/off the watermark display for speed mode, select Preference: Options and go to the Graph tab, use the Speed Mode show Watermark check box.

Speed Mode Control for Multiple Graphs

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How do I shut off speed mode for all my graphs?

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