1.147 FAQ-771 How to color data points in different regions with different colors?

Last Update: 10/18/2019

Suggestion 1

If you have version Origin 2017 and newer, you can simply use the Data Highlighter App. To use this App, download the file from the Origin File Exchange site and then install the App file onto the Origin workspace. If you have Origin 2018 simply select F10 to open the App Center Dialog. In the App Center dialog you can then search and install the App.

Note: To use the Data Highlighter App, first graph your data as a 2D scatter plot. Then with the graph activated, select the Data Highlighter App in the Apps Gallery window.

Suggestion 2

If you have a column filled with information that corresponds to the data plot color (let's call it color column) and this color column is in the same worksheet as the data plot, then index/map the color to the values in the color column (Tutorial).

  1. Double click the plot to open the Plot Details dialog box.
  2. Depending on your plot type, select Line or Symbol or Pattern Tab.
  3. Select the drop-down tab next to color and select By Points.
    • Select Indexing if the color column has a clear group such as integer or text. The color list tab allows you to specify the color for each indexed value.
    • Select RGB if you have RGB composite values in the color column.
    • Select Color Mapping if you want to map a range of values in the color column with a color scale.

Suggestion 3

If you do not have a color column to control the color of your dataset in the plot, then graph your data and specify a region to color. To do this use the Gadgets: Cluster... gadget. First group your data by inputting a region of interest box that includes all desired data points, then use Create Categories button Button Create Categories.png to color and data points and add a group column for all selected points with a categorical value. You can change the color settings in the Plot Details dialog. Please refer to this FAQ for instructions on using the Cluster... gadget.

For more information on using the Cluster... gadget, follow the provided tutorial.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2016 SR0

Keywords:color, regions, area, highlight, group data, identify data