5.15 FAQ-354 Can I change the color of operation lock?

Last Update: 2/4/2015

In Origin, if recalculation is used for an operation, there will be a lock icon associated with the result data sets. The lock icon shows different color to indicate different situations.

To change the default color display for these different situations, open the User Files Folder and locate the Origin.ini file. Open it with Notepad and locate the section [Color], under which un-comment the lines to define lock color:

PadlockClean=0 255 0
PadlockDirty=255 255 0
PadlockBroken=255 0 0

And replace the three numbers, which represent Red, Green, and Blue values between 0 and 255. In which:

PadlockClean means no further recalculation is needed. Default is green.

PadlockDirty means recalculations are pending. Default is yellow.

PadlockBroken means the recalculation in this operation is broken. Default is red.

Minimum Origin Version Required: 9.1 SR0

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