2.90 FAQ-935 How to get the average value of every 5 points?

Last Update: 6/11/2018

If you have a column of data and want to calculate the average values of every 5 points:

  1. Highlight the column with source data, right-click on it to select Worksheet: Reduce Rows to open the Reduce Rows dialog.
  2. In this dialog, set Reduce Method to Reduce N Rows with merged values, Merge Rows to 5, Merge by to Average, Output as <new>.
    Reduce Rows with average values.png
  3. Click OK button to get the average values.

If you want to get the running average values for a dataset, please try the average command, such as

range aa = [Book1]Sheet1!2;
ave -n 2 aa; //average values of 2 points before, 2 points after and itself

Keywords:data reduction, reduce data points, average value, merged values, reduce rows