1.63 FAQ-185 How do I create a contour and surface graph from my XYZ data?

Last Update: 9/25/2019

Both contour and surface plot can be created from XYZ data directly. You just need to make sure that your columns are designated as X, Y, and Z. To do that, right-click on the column and choose Set As from the context menu. Then

  • highlight the Z column and choose Plot > Contour : Contour-Color Fill to create a contour plot


  • highlight the Z column and choose Plot > 3D : 3D Colormap Surface and further select a surface type in the fly-out menu to create a surface plot.

And you also can convert your XYZ data to a matrix and then create contour or surface from it. To convert XYZ data to matrix, highlight the Z column and select Worksheet:Convert to Matrix:XYZ Gridding. After the conversion, with the matrix active, you can select the plot menu mentioned above to create a contour or surface.

Keywords:gridding, triangulate, triangulation, matrix