5.48 FAQ-831 Why doesn’t drag-and-drop work when I run Origin as an administrator?

Last Update: 6/25/2019

If you run Origin as an administrator and try to import the data file or install App by drag-and-drop, Origin will not respond.

In fact, Windows will stop the message or data which is being sent from a lower privilege process to a higher privilege process in order to prevent potential attacks. If you run Origin as administrator, it indicates that Origin have a higher privilege than other processes included Windows Explorer, where your data and apps usually come from. Therefore, if you try to drag-and-drop in this situation, it doesn’t work.

If you want to import data or install App by drag-and-drop easily, do NOT run Origin as administrator. You can just double click on Origin program icon or right click on Origin program icon and select Open to launch Origin.

Note: Please make sure that you did NOT set the properties of Run this program as an administrator as default. You can right click on Origin icon and select Properties, and then go to Compatibility tab to see whether the box of Run this program as an administrator is checked. If checked, please uncheck it.

Keywords:Drag-and-drop, Run as administor, Import data, Install Apps