2.78 FAQ-847 Why are my column formulas not updating when I insert or delete columns?

Last Update: 10/28/2016

Origin 2017 has introduced a new, simplified Spreadsheet Cell Notation. When the cell notation is ON, indicated by the "A-Z" icon Spreadsheet cell notation mode.png on top left of the worksheet, the column short names are locked and cannot be changed. Thus, when columns are inserted or deleted, the short name of the displaced column is automatically changed to maintain alphabetic order.

When spreadsheet notation is ON, the column formula will automatically update when inserting, deleting or moving columns or sheets, provided:

  • Formula DOES NOT include column references such as col(A) or wcol(1).
  • Formula DOES NOT include sheet index references (e.g 1!A does not update, so consider using Sheet1!A instead).
  • NO Before Formula Script is used to define the column formula.
  • Formula DOES NOT contain { } brackets.

For a discussion of use of the Set Values dialog box to define column formulas, see Set Values Quick Start.

Keywords:set values, spreadsheet cell notation, col(), wcol(), F(x), column formula, column short name