1.231 FAQ-999 How to turn off the Common Display controls?

Last Update: 5/23/2022

From Origin 2019, Common Display control is introduced to simultaneously change the settings of layer, plot or axis over multiple layers. It is turned on by default for many multi-layered graphs, such as 4 panel graph and multiple panels by label graph.

If you change the settings in a single plot/layer but find all layers update accordingly, please check if Common Display is enabled for the graph.

  1. Double click on any blank area on the graph to open the Plot Details dialog.
  2. Select page level (Graph# branch) on the left panel and activate ‘’’Layers’’’ tab on the right. Check if any options in Common Display group is checked.

To turn off Common Display for the current graph,

  1. Clean all checkboxes in the Common Display group.

To turn off Common Display for all graphs,

  1. Select menu Preferences: System Variables.
  2. In the dialog, enter DLS in Variable column and set it to 1 in Value column.

Keywords:share properties, common settings, multiple panel