1.174 FAQ-841 How to show trailing zeros in axis tick labels, such as 1.0 for 1?

Last Update: 5/11/2020

From version 2020b, Origin would remove the trailing "0" in axis tick label by default. If you want to add back trailing "0" to indicate the precision.

  1. Select menu Preferences: Options.
  2. Go to Axis tab. Uncheck No Trailing Zero and Zero is "0" (if your axis includes original point) .
    QH Trim Zero 02.png
Note: you can also use system variable @TLC to control whether to remove trailing zeros.

In previous version, if you want to remove trailing "0" in integer tick labels:

  1. Double click on the axis to open the Axis dialog.
  2. Go to the Tick Labels tab], and then Display sub-tab. Set Display to Custom and then set Custom Format to *
    QH Trim Zero 01.png

Note: You can combine * at the end of other syntax. For example,

  • .1* means keep 1 decimal places and trim unnecessary zeros
  • *2* means keep two significant digits and trim unnecessary zeros

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