5.52 FAQ-857 How to create custom menus?

Last Update: 4/12/2021

To create custom menus,

Select menu Preferences: Custom Menu Organizer. Refer to this page for a step by step example of how to create custom menus.

The settings are saved in a omc file which allows you to share your custom menus with others.

From Origin 2020, Fulll/Short menu (which is saved in a cnf file) is hidden from menu. If you want to roll back the Short Menu entry, you will needs to:

  1. Set @scnfm = 1 in System Variables dialog. Refer to this page for detailed steps.
  2. Change MenuLevelByOMC value to 0 as follow in Origin.ini under User Files Folder(UFF).
  3. Make sure no omc files under UFF.

Refer to this page for details.

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