1.255 FAQ-1049 How to plot Stacked Column graph with actual X value position?

Last Update: 3/16/2020

When use Plot > Basic 2D: Stacked Column menu, or Stacked Column button Button Stack Column.png to create Stacked Column graph, even X value is numeric, Origin will automatically switch to plot against row number, and then set Axis Tick Label to Text from dataset. Then you will find the space of the columns are even in the graph.

If you want to plot Stacked Column graph with actual X value position, you can:

  1. Select Window: Script Window to open Script Window
  2. Run following script to set system variable DRX to 0, and then plot the Stacked Column graph again.
Note: To return to default setting, you can set the DRX to 16.


  1. Select the dataset to create a Line and Scatter plot (select Plot > Basic 2D: Line + Symbol menu).
  2. Active the the graph, select Format: Plot... to open Plot Details dialog.
  3. In the lower left corner of the dialog, set Plot Type to Column/ Bar.
  4. Select Layer level in the left panel. Go to Stack and select Cumulative option. Click OK

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