1.224 FAQ-985 Why does the export quality of graph with small size fail to be as good as the one of large size?

Last Update: 12/19/2018

If you have two graphs with exactly same formats but different layer/page sizes and export them as vector formats (PDF, EPS, EMF), you will find that the quality of the graph with small layer/page size is not so good as that of large size. It is because the source data and page size form the rendering input and different export result is what it will be. Large page size means much higher resolution input, and thus generates better quality.

To get a better export quality for the small size graph,

  1. In the Export Graphs dialog, set a higher exporting resolution in Export Settings> Advanced> Set Resolution> Resolution edit box, 1200 for example.
  2. Set image size to a large value under Image Size branch, for example, set Specify Size in to inch and Fit Width to 10.

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