1.203 FAQ-946 How to show the frame for the 2D graph layer?

Last Update: 11/4/2018

By default, most 2D graphs created from built-in templates will only show bottom X axis and left Y axis. If you want to show all four axes for the layer frame, you can

  • With the graph layer activated, select View: Show: Frame menu item.


  • Double-click on the X/Y axis to open the Axis dialog, go to Line and Ticks tab. Hold down CTRL key and select Top and Right icon in the left panel, check the Show Line and Ticks check box on the right. Click Apply button. If you don't want to show the ticks for the top X/right Y axis, set the Style of Major and Minor Ticks to None.


  • With the graph activated, select Tools: Theme Organizer... menu to open Theme Organizer. In this dialog, go to Graph tab, find the All Axes On theme, click the Apply Now button to apply this theme to current graph.
    Besides, you can use Apply Theme to drop-down list to apply this theme to more graphs in current project.
    If you want all graphs you create in future to have all axes on, you can right-click on the theme item to select Set as System Theme item from the context menu.
    ThemeOrganizer AllAxesOn.png

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