3.88 FAQ-326 How to add scatter label for Score Plot/Biplot in Principal Component Analysis?

Last Update: 10/12/2015

Since OriginPro 2015, once you specify a column to the Observation Labels in the Input Data branch, the column values will be automatically shown as label in the Score Plot and Biplot in report sheet.

Alternatively, or in the previous version of OriginPro, you can also put the column for label as the first column of the worksheet and set it as text, then the column will be automatically put next to the plot data in the result sheet. You can use data reader to examine the plot in greater detail as in the tutorial


Set it as labels of the score plot/biplot in steps below

  1. Double click the graph on the result sheet to open it
  2. Double click the scatter to open the Plot Details dialog
  3. Select the Label tab, select Enable check box and select the Label column in Label Form drop down list

Keywords:statistics, PCA, principal component analysis, label, score plot, biplot