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2.3 FAQ-410 How can I save ASCII import options to my template?

Last Update: 1/29/2018

  1. Customize ASCII Import:
    1. Select File: Import: Single ASCII or File: Import: Multiple ASCII
    2. In the ASCII dialog that opened to pick file, make sure Show Options Dialog checkbox is checked.
    3. Select your file(s) and click Open. This opens the impASC dialog box.
    4. Customize import settings as needed.
    5. click OK. (Note: In Origin 9.0 and older, before click OK, please click the arrow button to the right of the Dialog Theme box and choose Save to <Sheet>.
    6. After import, the import settings is in the worksheet.
    7. You can do further analysis.
  2. Save Import Settings in Template
    • Select File: Save Template As...
    • Or select File: Save Book as Analysis Template... if after importing data, some analysis and calculation is done in worksheet so there are green locks in worksheet.
  3. Import new data with customized ASCII settings.
    1. Select File: Open to load the saved template template
    2. Select File: Import: Single ASCII or File: Import: Multiple ASCII
    3. In the ASCII dialog, you will see <sheet> show next to Show Options Dialog, which means there are import settings in the worksheet. If you uncheck it and import, the data will be imported with customized setting automatically. If you check it and click Open, the ImpASC dialog is opened with customized setting loaded.

For more information on saving template, see [1].
For more information on analysis dialog box Themes, see Dialog Themes.

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