1.193 FAQ-896 How to rescale the colormap if the data in the worksheet changes?

Last Update: 1/12/2018

For Contour plot or 3D colormap surface plot, when it's data is changed, the colormap can be rescaled easily with the following methods:

  1. Right click on the plot, and select Colormap: Set Levels... to open the Set Levels dialog. Click Find Min/Max to automatically set the From and To values, based on your data. Click OK to accept the change.
  2. Double click plot and go to Plot Details dialog. On Colormap tab, change Rescale Mode to Auto. From now on, when you change data, colormap will rescale automatically.
  3. You can try one of the following Labtalk script:
    • layer -axyz // Rescale colormap only.
    • layer -axy // Rescale both z axi and colormap.
    More details of layer rescale command can be referred to this page.

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