4.71 FAQ-1171 Why my Python packages cannot work after I upgraded to Origin 2023b?

Last Update: 4/13/2023

Origin2023b upgrades the embedded Python from version 3.8 to 3.11. However, packages between different versions are generally not compatible. Therefore, if you have installed some Python packages such as "numpy" before, you cannot use them in Origin2023b directly. Some Apps, such as Calcium Transient Analysis App inherited from the previous Origin version, cannot work properly in Origin 2023b either, because the Python packages they require cannot used by Origin 2023b directly.

To troubleshoot this problem, you will need to reinstall all python packages in Origin 2023b. That is,

  1. Select menu Window: Script Window in Origin 2023b.
  2. In the Script Window that opens, enter following script
    doc -pyr ##; //"##" is the old version of python package you need to reinstall
    Highlight the script and press Enter to run.
  3. A Python Packages dialog will open. Select the packages you want to upgrade and press OK button.
    Python Packages Dialog.png

    Some Python packages do not have 3.11 version yet, like the "wordcloud" package required by Word Cloud App. Please uncheck those packages in the Python Packages dialog to skip them.

For example,
If you upgraded your Origin from version 2023 to 2023b, run

 doc -pyr 38;

This will reinstall all python packages from Origin 2023.

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