2.61 FAQ-504 How do I reduce XY or XYZ dataset?

Last Update: 10/13/2016

If you want to reduce duplicate X data contained in an XY dataset, highlight the Y column and select Analysis:Data Manipulation:Reduce Duplicated X Data. This dialog is based on the reducedup x-function.

If you want to remove duplicate XY data from an XYZ dataset, you could use the Statistics on Columns tool, and follow the steps listed below:

  1. Highlight the Z column, select Statistics:Descriptive Statistics:Statistics on Columns, this column will be used as the Data Range in the Input tab of Statistic on Columns dialog.
  2. Click the arrow button in Group control to select the X and Y columns as the grouping data.
  3. Go to the Quantities tab, expand the Quantities branch and choose which quantities you wish to replace duplicate values with (e.g., Minimum, Median, Maximum).
  4. If you also want to output the number of duplicate XY replaced, check the N total option under the Moments branch.
  5. Go to Output tab, under the Dataset Identifier branch, clear the check box after Show Identifier in Flat Sheet; under the Report Tables branch, choose None from the Book drop-down menu.
    QH Data Reduction.png
  6. Click OK. In the report sheet, the XYZ dataset will be reduced for duplicate XY.
Notes: The Statistics on Columns method just described can also be used to remove duplicate XY for XYY data.

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