3.138 FAQ-812 How can I plot subtracted data in result graph?

Last Update: 1/5/2016

When you detect and subtract baseline in a spectrum by Peak Analyzer, before clicking the Finish button, it could show the subtracted curve. But once clicking the Finish button, you will find the curve goes back to the original one. To display the baseline-subtracted spectrum in the result graph:

  1. On the Subtract Baseline page of Peak Analyzer, click the triangle button next to Subtracted Data control and choose <Input>: XY = input XY.
  2. Then click Finish button. The data with baseline correction will replace your original data and show in result graph.

Note: The default location of Subtracted Data is new columns in the source worksheet. The reason why it isn't subtracted with default setting is because we don't want to overwrite the source data while the result graph is from the source data. The graph you saw after click Subtract button during peak analysis is just a preview graph window. That window will be gone after Peak Analyzer is closed.

Keywords:peak analyzer, subtract baseline, baseline correction